Quick and Effective E-Signatures with SignNow

The key to making a successful and profitable business is keeping up with new technologies. Digitalization is a must if you want your company to remain competitive in the current market in the long run. It is not efficient to sign documents manually anymore. All most successful and famous businesses have been using digital solutions to manage their documentation for years. However, in order to work with digital documents, contracts, reports, and other papers efficiently, it is essential to incorporate a suitable electronic signature solution.

The modern market is oversaturated with various e-signature options, and it is not easy to pick a solution that will satisfy the specific needs of your company. Luckily, SignNow is cutting edge software designed to solve all the possible issues that arise during processing digital documentation. With SignNow, you can manage the whole process of finalizing each paper without additional programs. This software allows creating, sending, receiving, editing, and legally signing all electronic documents.

The Pros of Incorporating SignNow in Your Business

Despite having numerous options available, the majority of other electronic signature programs lack some helpful features. Based on the reviews of SignNow users, this software remains one of the most convenient and versatile. A wide range of handy features and overall accessibility are just two of its main benefits. Here are some other key advantages of SignNow:

  • Convenient for both company workers and clients. In order to make the experience of working with SignNow truly universal and approachable, the developers made sure to create a program that suits both company employees and customers. Even those clients who interact with the company for the first time will find it instantly easy-to-use for placing electronic signatures and exchanging documents online.
  • Intuitive program design. SignNow’s interface is truly user-friendly to deliver maximum convenience when you first start using it. To grasp this software, you will not need to be an advanced computer user or go through any special training.
  • Enhanced safety solutions. Some businesspeople might be uncertain about digitalizing all their documentation, as there is a chance that the storage will be hacked. To prevent that from happening, SignNow pays special attention to increased security. With the latest methods of encryption, your official documents will remain safe and protected from leaking or theft.
  • Availability on various platforms. Often certain programs are supported only on specific operating systems or devices. In contrast, SignNow is as accessible as possible and can be used via a wide range of platforms. Depending on your personal preference and possibilities, you can use SignNow on a computer or laptop, mobile phone or tablet. This software is supported on both Android and iOS for better coverage. Pick the most suitable device for you and start working right away.

Useful Features Available with the SignNow Software

Many electronic signature programs work only for placing signatures and nothing else. Sometimes they include other features that are still not sufficient to make documentation management truly efficient. This is why SignNow offers multiple convenient features that cover all your needs regarding documentation management. Here are some of the key features:

  • Multiple electronic signature solutions. There are a few ways in which you can place an electronic signature on a document. You can upload a scanned picture of a signature that already exists on paper, type in your first and last name instead of a signature, or draw one with your cursor, stylus, or finger. You can also make a single option available across the company for consistency. All the signatures can be then saved in the program and used in the future.
  • Requesting additional documentation. In many cases, a paper might require an accompanying document, and you can request one together with a copy sent for a signature. This allows collecting all the necessary papers quickly and without requesting them separately via other software.
  • Various solutions for editing. SignNow provides convenient opportunities for editing electronic papers. There are special boxes designed for specific information. In case you need to collect certain data, you can make only necessary parts of a document customizable for other people. Here are some of the boxes available:
    • Text box. This is a general section that can be filled with a text of any kind.
    • Checkbox. These fields are convenient for documents with listings that require picking options. This way anybody can quickly put a checkmark near the necessary option.
    • Time and date. Most official documents require including the time and date of signing. There are various formats of time and date to suit users from all around the world. You can select the necessary format for your company.
    • Signature box. In case you need just a signature, you can easily place a signature box and make it the only customizable option. As a result, no other part of the paper can be edited.

      Choose SignNow as Your Electronic Signature Solution

      A single multipurpose program ensures higher efficiency, whereas incorporating different software products for various processes might decrease productivity. Numerous reviews note that SignNow is a versatile solution, which allows achieving multiple goals, such as creating, distributing, editing, and signing electronic documents.

      Another important aspect of working with SignNow is legality. A signature made with this program makes a document completely legal and does not require printing out and signing a physical copy. Dozens of businesses of any scale have been already embracing SignNow, and you can try it yourself!

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