Reach out to each generation on social media


Social media has become an inevitable part of everyday life. Some people use social media as a way to spend time, chat with friends, share news and the recent photos. But it has also become a tool to run a business and get a message out to potential clients. This is why it is important to know how to market baby boomers as well as generation Z on social media and benefit your business. An infographic from Personal Money Service presents the most actual and interesting data about social media users and shares how to target  generations.

Generation  Z

Social media users from 13 to 19 are 22% of the U.S population and it might be difficult to get their favor as their average attention span is 8 seconds only. This is a truly digital generation and it prefers Instagram content more than Facebook. If you need to inspire so-called ‘New Silent Generation’ you need to present brief, relevant content. And do not rely on the celebs – 63% will trust real people in the  ads.


Millennials, unlike Gen Z, prefer Facebook and YouTube and can spend around 8 hours online. An interesting fact: men tend to use YouTube more than women. Currently, this is the largest generation, and that is why it has more influence on social media. If you want them to see you and buy your product, think of reaching them via emails – 43% of respondents may become interested in your  services.

Generation  X

Do not leave social media users from 36 to 49 behind: surprisingly, Americans at this age are more obsessed with social media than some of their younger peers are. More than 60% will trust your company if you have positive feedback and reviews. According to a Nielsen report, 94% of Generation X has access to smartphones and you can try to appeal to them on Facebook and  Twitter.

Baby  Boomers

Not every company makes allowance for this generation, but 15,5% spend more than 11 hours a week on Facebook. Do not expect them to use instant messaging functions – they prefer emails instead. If you want to increase interaction and get more results, encourage them to sign up for  newsletters.

It may be hard to believe, but surveying firms estimate that by the end of 2018 there will be 2,67 billion social media users (and 2,95 billion by 2020) and the users from the United States are the largest social media advertising market. More than 90% of all the brands are present in two or more social networks. The more followers a company has – the more earnings it gets: if your company has a presence on social media, it gets easier for the clients to find and connect with you. In other words, you increase the brand awareness, loyalty and website  traffic.

Do you want to get more benefits? Learn more about the prospective customers, engage with the audience, and extend the company reach, and make sure you market each  generation.

Personal money service updated infographic

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