Reality TV Star-Turned-Author

By Brittanya Razavi, Special for  USDR

All of reality TV star-turned-entrepreneur Brittanya Razavi’s loyal fans will be excited to learn that the rumors are true: Brittanya has a new book in the works, and is set to be released very  soon.

A refreshing take on the classic memoir, (My Mind, My Secret Weapon) tells the incredible story of a young woman who overcame many adversities and created her own unorthodox path to success. California native Brittanya Razavi left home at age 15 when her father was sent to prison, and soon found herself a single mother. She saw an opportunity where many have missed it: make a name for herself on reality TV, and use that fame to fuel her own business  endeavors.

Brittanya might not look like your traditional boardroom businesswoman, but she has a knack for seizing opportunities that no one else can see. She has already launched several projects based on the recognition she got from her time on shows like Rock of Love Bus and Charm School, including a real estate development company and clothing brand. There’s no doubt that her unique bombshell features have helped her along the way, but clearly there is more to Brittanya Razavi than the beautiful exterior plastered on the covers of  magazines.

“I know I must have a look that people like and I’m successful at it, but I understand it can’t last long, so I tend to want to go in a different direction… My mind is my secret weapon. I have a lot of street smart  knowledge.”

We hope that her new book, (My Mind, My Secret Weapon) will give us a more personal look at how Brittanya Razavi has faced her challenges head on, and led her to her newest project: motivational speaking and mentorship for burgeoning entrepreneurs who want to follow in her  footsteps.

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