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‘The Teen CEO Show’ is an upcoming show for teens to encourage them to become great entrepreneurs and future CEOs. It will play an important role in instilling the mindset of champions in many teens who will get to watch this show. What most of our teens need to make it in life is encouragement. The current situation facing most teens is that their parents are very busy working day and night to provide for them, and in the process, their non-monetary needs such as career mentoring and emotional support are left to suffer. I conceptualized the idea of a teens reality show since the television is one of the most efficient ways of reaching many teens worlwide. Almost every teen spends a considerable number of hours watching TV every day, and they enjoy doing so. The ‘Teen CEO Show’ will provide entrepreneurship lessons, entertainment and useful advice that they require. Touching on real life experiences will also help the teens to relate their current experiences with those that will be featured in the show.

The show is planning to gain exposure in the selected schools and students with different talks and Youth Leadership Trainings all around the Country. One of the ways in which it can get exposure is through contacting the targeted schools and students, informing them about the show and getting to know their expectations. These expectation will be considered when producing these shows so as to ensure their attention is captured, their interests covered and their questions answered during the show. Advertisement and involvement of these schools and students will also help in publicizing the show. I have done a lot of research on what the teens need to know, therefore I am positive that the show will gain popularity quite fast. Learning entrepreneurship will have an impact on all teens around the world, and this show will effectively assist in doing this.

Major topics like business strategies, social medias, media exposure and business plan will be covered at ‘Teens CEO Show’. Entrepreneurship needs to be approached with courage and optimism. One must also be ready to get out of their comfort zone if they want to be successful. In my book, Win the Race of Life,I have described the story of my business successes and motorcycle racing to encourage people to gain confidence in their business ventures. The show and the book will also encourage all teens in building their dreams, pursuing their interests and dedicating all they’ve got towards succeeding in the ventures they decide to undertake. I have an acronym, R.A.C.I.N.G, which I have used in the book to explain how one can become a successful entrepreneur:

R – Recognize your dreams

We all need to have dreams. All the business ventures you see around were once a dream in someone’s mind. Dreams motivate us to work harder. Anyone without a dream is headed nowhere. Every person who wants to be an entrepreneur should be able to visualize their dream, be passionate about it and take action.

A – Act one “corner” (step) at a time

Sometimes, trying to handle everything at once is the reason for most failures. Entrepreneurs should strategize their business ventures in such a way as to handle each issue at a time. Goals should be divided into sub-goals , and each sub-goal should be allocated a reasonable time frame within which it is to be achieved.

C – Care about yourself, your family, our planet

Our bodies need rest once in a while. We also need the love of family and those around us. These are the things which bring joy to our lives and make our lives more valuable.

I – “In-Power” yourself

There is power within each one of us. We need to recognize this power, put it into use and recharge it every now and then, to inspire and empower others.

N – Never give up

Giving up should never be an option for any entrepreneur. Challenges are always experienced by all entrepreneurs. There is no smooth ride to the top. The road is always rough and bumpy, but when we set our eyes on the prize, we are able to face every challenge with courage and eventually overcome it.

G – Get it done!

Always get things done. Dreams will continue being just dreams as long as we do not work towards achieving them.

My life as an entrepreneur is similar to a motorcycle race. I live at 180 miles per hour, taking pleasure in the risks that life throws at me and learning from both my successes and my failures. At the speed of 180 miles per hour, I am assured of high adrenaline and enjoyment in every stage of the race. I am also aware of my fellow racers, my fans and my foes, and how to deal with and handle each one of them. Accidents may occur once in a while but this does not deter me from finishing the race. Business ventures are quite similar to a motorcycle race. Adrenaline is required when undertaking any kind of business. One should also enjoy doing what they have decided to do. It is also important to be aware of one’s competitors, who are the fellow racers, strive to be ahead of them and use better strategy than they are using so that they may not overtake us. One should also know who their friends are and who their foes are. Friends will always be happy when we achieve our dreams. Foes may pretend to be celebrating with us, while behind the scenes they are creating a master plan for our downfall. Challenges faced by entrepreneurs are like accidents which racers will definitely experience. Just like the racers, the challenges should not stop us from pursuing our goals.

I always remind teens and other people who decide to become entrepreneurs that every business venture requires sacrifice. Finally, I want to encourage all teens not to shy away from dreaming big!

For more information about Teen CEO Show and how you can have Nadine Lajoie speaking at your school or your city, or if you want to register for the casting calls (teenagers 13-19 years old), please visit or contact Beverly Zeliger at 949-421-7562 or


International Award-Winning Entrepreneur, President and TV Host of the upcoming series “Teen CEO Reality TV Show”, Nadine Lajoie semi-retired at 36 years old from her financial business, became a champion motorcycle racer, international leadership speaker and #1 Best-Selling author of “Win The Race of Life”. Nadine was featured on Forbes, USA Today, ABC, Fox, TEDx stage, magazine along with Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump and amongst top speakers in USA, Canada, Europe, Africa and India, including Jamie Lee Curtis, Marcia Cross, Les Brown, Marianne Williamson, Stedman Graham. She also co-authored with Les Brown, world’s leading motivational speaker, in “Fight for your Dreams”.

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