Republicans on Trial in 2014 Elections

By Kevin Price, Publisher and Editor in Chief,  USDR

From Kevin Price’s column in Huffington Post:

Millions of Americans are frustrated by the usurpation of the law by the Obama Administration. This has brought an onslaught of average citizens mobilizing for political change. This movement is largely defined as the “Tea Party movement” but there are millions of other Americans that would simply describe themselves as disgruntled with the Administration as we go into the 2014 elections.

This growing influence has not gone unnoticed by leading Democrats. One Democrat leader went so far to make the shocking statement that “Although the tea party’s influence is ‘undeniable,’ it is not inevitable — and it must be crushed for the good of the nation,’ Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) argued in a long political speech, “They’ve won elections, stymied Democratic priorities and taken a sledgehammer to programs that are important to tens of millions of Americans,” he complained.

To listen to Schumer one would think that the Tea Party — and its only logical political vehicle, the GOP — are destined to political success in November. Polling shows that the President’s approval ratings “stink”…(read more)

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