Retirees Weigh In on Most Pressing Economic Issues


A survey of 337 retirees on Medicare revealed that 45%1 believe the economy is the most critical issue facing America in 2012 – beating out the national debt (21%); jobs (19%); and health care (15%) for the top spot. This is despite the fact that 43% of respondents said they expect the economy to be “about the same” next year, with 37% saying it will be “somewhat” or “much” better. Just 24% said they expect it will be “somewhat” or “much” worse.

At the same time, 56% of respondents said they expect their personal financial situation in 2012 to be “good” or “excellent” – about the same number (57%) who reported their 2011 personal financial situation as such.

The survey was fielded from December 22-26, 2011 by Extend Health, Inc., which operates the nation’s largest private Medicare exchange. Nearly two-thirds of respondents have been retired from major U.S. corporations for 10 years or more.

Questions and detailed results from the survey are as follows:

Of the following issues, which one will be most critical to America in 2012?
The economy 45.2%
The national debt 20.5%
Jobs 19.0%
Health care 15.2%
How would you express your confidence in the economy in 2012 compared to 2011?
It will be:
Much better 1.8%
Somewhat better 31.8%
About the same 42.7%
Somewhat worse 19.9%
Much worse 3.9%

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