Rick Santorum’s Quiet Surge

By Kevin Price, Publisher and Editor in Chief, US Daily Review.

No candidate has worked harder to capture the attention of conservatives in Iowa than Rick Santorum. In fact, the former US Senator from Pennsylvania is the only GOP candidate to have visited every county.  The national media has largely ignored him because his numbers have only been in the single digits, but things seem to be shifting.

  • Santorum has recently purchased a TV ad buy in the state that is capturing the attention of voters. He reminds the voters that he has been a steady family man, a very consistent Senator, and someone that every voter knows what they are getting.  He is, according to the ad, “the truth in advertisement” candidate.
  • Santorum is now in the double digits in some polls in Iowa, making it increasingly difficult for voters to ignore him.
  • He is receiving endorsements from some of the state’s most important political and media leaders.
  • He is the type of candidate who has resonated well in Iowa, historically. This is a state that has not favored glitz or the big bucks, but who shares the value?  If the adage, “all politics are local” is true, it is all the more so in a state like Iowa when it comes to running for president.  It is one of the few states where virtually everyone can shake the hand of every candidate, if they want to, and it is often expected.
  • The other candidates have made it easier for voters to believe in Santorum. Besides Romney, we have had (at least) four other front runners: Bachmann, Perry, Cain, and now Gingrich.  Some would argue that Ron Paul is now in that role. None of these have lasted for more than a few weeks.  It makes it easy for voters to simply say, why not Santorum?
  • The media is making it simple to support Santorum too.  The media has been attracted to GOP candidates like moths are to light. In the end, it is starting to force voters to simply make decisions for themselves (I actually think the media planned on people not supporting any of them). Making a decision for themselves will be in both their and the country’s best interest, because it is clear that the media supports the current incumbent.

I never thought I would write this, but Santorum has a chance to at least win in Iowa, which could be a game changer going forward.  If “timing is everything,” than his recent jump and his opponent blunders could set the stage for an interesting primary season.

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