RNC Speaker Update


The 2016 Republican National Convention (RNC) continues today inCleveland, Ohio. The day’s events and speakers will expand upon the theme: “Make America First  Again.”

America has always been an exceptional nation. Unfortunately, years of bad policies and poor leadership have weakened our position abroad and limited our opportunities here at home. In a Trump administration, America will reclaim its historic role in the world, and Americans’ best interests will be the touchstone for any presidential decision on domestic or foreign  policy.

The speakers participating in Wednesday night’s program will discuss the Republican vision for a new century of American leadership and excellence. Below are excerpts from a select group of the speeches to be delivered as part of this evening’s program. Speaker background information is also  provided.


Florida Governor Rick  Scott
Rick Scott is the current governor of the State of Florida. Before becoming governor, Scott served as CEO of Columbia Hospital Corporation. Under his leadership, the company became one of the world’s largest health care companies and the 7th largest employer in the United  States.

This evening, Gov. Scott will speak about the recent terrorist attack in Orlando and the growing worldwide threat of Islamic extremism.  Gov. Scott will emphasize that putting America first will help keep Americans  safe. 

“I cried with the grieving moms and dads and brothers and sisters of the 49 people slaughtered by an ISIS-inspired terrorist. This war is real. It is here in America. And the next president must destroy this evil. Donald Trump is the man for that  job.”

“Today, America is in terrible, world-record-high debt. Our economy is not growing. Our jobs are going overseas. We have allowed our military to decay, and we project weakness on the international stage. Washington grows while the rest of America struggles. The Democrats have not led us to a crossroads, they have led us to a  cliff.”

Laura Ingraham, Radio  Host
A former white-collar defense attorney and Supreme Court law clerk, Laura Ingraham is the most-listened-to woman on political talk radio. The Laura Ingraham Show is ranked in radio’s Top 10, and heard coast-to-coast in 225  markets. 

Ms. Ingraham will discuss the importance of respect for the Constitution, the rule of law, and the inherent rights of the American people the first priority of our elected  officials.

“I’m a single mother of three adopted children. I’m here tonight supporting Donald Trump because like most Americans, I refuse to leave them a country that is worse off than the one my parents left  me.”

Donald Trump understands that we must turn this around and restore respect across all levels of society. Unlike us, Hillary Clinton believes the status quo is just fine because she helped create  it.”

Phil Ruffin,  Businessman
Ruffin is an American businessman with diverse interests in real estate, lodging, manufacturing, energy, and retail enterprises. Ruffin started his business in 1959 with a single convenience store and expanded it into an operation with 65 stores in four states. He currently holds 12 hotels in Kansas, Maryland, California, Oklahoma, Texas, and  Alabama.

Mr. Ruffin will speak about his personal experience working with Donald Trump as a developer, entrepreneur, innovator, and  leader.

“I have known Donald Trump as a friend and a business partner for over 20 years. You can’t be my friend and my business partner for long if you’re not honest with me and good to your word. I can tell you Donald Trump is both. He’s been an innovator, an entrepreneur. No one in our business works harder or smarter than he  does.”

“He is a developer. He is an entrepreneur. He is an innovator. And he is a leader. He now wants to turn around  Washington.”

Pam Bondi, Attorney General of  Florida
Pam Bondi is currently serving as Florida’s 37th Attorney General. Since being sworn into office on January 4, 2011, Bondi has worked tirelessly to protect the people of Florida and uphold the state’s laws and the U.S. Constitution. During her tenure, she has focused on defending Florida’s constitutional rights against the federal health care  law.

Bondi will speak about the importance of restoring the rule of law after eight years of living under an administration that has played fast and loose with our constitutional  rights.

“Hillary will stack the Supreme Court with liberal justices who will allow government to continue its rampage against our individual rights with utter contempt for our Second  Amendment.

“I know Donald, and he will appoint conservative justices who will defend, rather than rewrite, our Constitution. Are you ready to send ISIS a message that we’re really coming after them? When Donald Trump is president, he  will.”

Eileen Collins, Astronaut  (retired)
Eileen Collins is an astronaut and veteran of four Space Shuttle missions. She was the first woman to command a Space Shuttle mission and logged over 537 hours in space during her tenure at  NASA.

Collins will issue a call to once again make America first in space  exploration.

“Nations that lead on the frontier, lead in the world. We need that visionary leadership again: leadership that will inspire the next generation to have that same passion. We need leadership that will challenge every American to ask, ‘What’s next?’ We need leadership that will make America’s space program first again. We need leadership that will make America first  again.”

Michelle Van Etten, Small Business  Owner
Michelle Van Etten is a small business owner who was recently featured in The Greatest Networkers in the World, second edition. Michelle employs over 100,000 people, and she supports Donald Trump because she believes that his policies will help businesses across  America.

Van Etten will speak about making America first by supporting the next generation of American  entrepreneurs.

“Small business are the backbone of the American economy. We need these entrepreneurs. We live in the land of opportunity. We need to protect the American Dream above all  else.”

“We need a president who is businessman, not a Hillary-crat. Who understands small businesses are the backbone of America. Who will not raise taxes. Who will repeal Obamacare so small businesses can start offering insurance to their employees again. Who will end common core and protect our children’s education. Who will encourage creativity and innovation. Who will bring manufacturing back to America. Who will make America great and safe  again.”

State Senator Ralph Alvarado, Jr.  (Kentucky)
Ralph Alvarado is currently serving as a state senator in the Kentucky legislature. Trained as a physician specializing in internal medicine and pediatrics, Alvarado was president of Winchester Medical Associates before joining KentuckyOne Medical Group. Alvarado’s experience as a small business owner gave him firsthand knowledge of how tough business ownership can  be.

Mr. Alvarado will speak about his parents legally immigrating to American and growing up watching them sacrifice every day to provide a better life for their family.  Mr. Alvarado will emphasize that by protecting the American dream for the next generation, we can make America first  again.

“We didn’t have the luxuries that other families had, but what my parents did give me was family structure, discipline, support, high personal expectations, love and faith in God. They were Hispanic, they were Americans and they were very proud of being both. … But, this story is not unique to my family; it is the story of thousands of legal Latino immigrants who come to  America.”

Dr. Darrell C. Scott, Senior Pastor and Co-Founder of New Spirit Revival Center Ministries
Dr. Darrell C. Scott has given his life to spreading the word of God and helping those in need.  Scott started the New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, on February 14, 1994, with just four members in attendance. His ministry, which has grown to include thousands of people, is focused on reviving its Cleveland  community.

Dr. Scott will speak discuss Donald Trump’s unique qualifications for the office of the  presidency.

Donald Trump has played for big stakes and is a master negotiator and deal maker. He knows that for all the sharp elbows and words that the art of the deal is bringing people together, to unify, to get to yes. That means solving problems, finding common ground, and moving forward. He has done that for himself for over 30 years. He now wants to take that experience to get the best deal for America and for all  Americans. ”

Harold Hamm, Continental  Resources
Harold Hamm is an American entrepreneur and played a key role in the development of the technologies behind the United States’recent renaissance in oil and natural gas production. Born in Lexington, Oklahoma, Hamm was the youngest of 13 children. With just a high-school education, Hamm started his own business at the age of 21. This grassroots startup, Continental Resources, soon became a NYSE-traded, Top 10 oil producer in the United States Lower  48.

Mr. Hamm will speak about how unleashing the full potential of America’s vast energy resources will power America to greatness. Hamm will contrast this vast opportunity with Hillary Clinton’s endeavor to crush America’s energy renaissance at the behest of left wing  radicals.

“Critics may say I’m just a well-to-do supporter of Donald Trump. They don’t know about the 13th child of sharecroppers who was inspired by Vo-Ag [vocational agriculture] teacher, Jim Hunter. I couldn’t start school before the first snow or Christmas – whichever came first – because I was pulling cotton to feed our family. My first memories are picking cotton  barefoot.

“I’m standing here tonight because the American Dream was alive and well when I struck out on my own at 20 years old with nothing but a truck, a co-signed note, and a  phone.”

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