Rugged Reliability: 4 Reasons Why Guys Love Trucks

America’s love for trucks keeps on going. Last year, pickup truck demand drove a large share of all U.S. automotive industry sales, with car manufacturers selling 2.8 million full- and mid-size pickups, a 4.8 percent sales increase over  2016.

The percentage of total U.S. car sales by pickup trucks also increased from 15.3 to 16.4 percent from 2016 to 2017. For auto manufacturers, trucks are truly “The Heartbeat of America,” to quote an old Chevy  ad.

But why do American men love trucks so much? There are multiple reasons, ranging from practical utility to the image that owning a truck conveys. Here’s a look at four of the main reasons why men love  trucks.

1. Utility

It’s no secret that utility is one of the main draws for truck owners. With plenty of room in back and power for pulling trailers, trucks are great for hauling big loads across the country. But trucks are just as roomy inside, making them great for drivers who want more legroom or who need to carry  passengers.

In fact, one reason pickup truck sales have spiked in recent years is that trucks and crossover models are emerging as the new family car. Of course, trucks with large cabins and two row of seats are perfect for driving a family around town or packing up for a family vacation. When it comes to utility, the roominess and power of trucks can’t be  beaten.

2. Performance  Capability

Guys also like trucks for their unrivaled performance capability. If you select the right tires for your truck, you can use them on almost any terrain and in virtually all weather  conditions.

In fact, you can drive it in the city, cruise it down the highway, or take it off road. You can even drive it through mud or use it as a snow plow. The performance capability of pickups outshines that of smaller vehicles and  SUVs.

3. Durability

Another reason guys prefer pickups is that they’re more durable than other vehicles. Since trucks are larger than other vehicles and designed to haul heavier loads, they are naturally built to support more weight, making them stronger than other  vehicles.

At the same time, since trucks have their rear bed separated from the cab, they can handle more chassis flex than other vehicles without structural compromise. Plus, their durability makes trucks more likely to survive an accident than a smaller vehicle. It also means trucks last longer, making them a better long-term  investment.

4. Image

Beyond the practical benefits of owning a truck, the social image it conveys to the world is another major factor in its popularity. In many parts of the country, especially the south and west, where the Ford F-150 reigns supreme, trucks are associated with a preferred lifestyle  image.

For many guys, trucks project an image of toughness and dependability. Women also find this image appealing in men, which may help explain why men like  trucks.

In fact, 32 percent of women find pickup trucks the most attractive type of vehicle for guys to drive, compared to 27 percent for sports cars and 16 percent for SUVs, according to an survey. To women, trucks suggest a mature man who knows how to fix  things.

A Compelling Case for Truck  Ownership

Men love trucks for a combination of practical and social reasons. To that end, trucks are useful for transporting people and goods, versatile in their on-road and off-road performance capability and durable enough to deliver years of bang for your  buck.

If you’re in the market for a new or used truck, you likely understand they also convey an image of rugged reliability that appeals to men and that women find attractive. Together, all these benefits make a compelling argument in favor of visiting your local dealership,  pronto.

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