Sacrifice For Love

By April Dye, Contributor for US Daily Review.

They say that life is a full circle – you start off this world helpless and some times you leave that way. When we are growing up we forget that when we were helpless our parents sacrificed sleep, alone time and sometimes sanity. We never think that there might be a time when we will be doing the same for our own parents.

I want to give a note of thanks for those children who put their lives on hold so that they can take care of those who used to take care of them. Watching our parents/grandparents become old is a hard thing to do. Not only do you end up having to shop for them, take them to an assortment of appointments; sometimes you have to feed them and/or bathe them.

You take the brunt of their mixed up emotions. Sometimes you may get insulted or demeaned. It is easy to say “it’s okay, it isn’t really them” but it does kind of kick you in the gut. You do everything for them and you get no “thank you’s” or words of appreciation. You may instead get accused of stealing their money and/or keeping them trapped.

But you keep doing it day after day because it’s your mom or dad or grandparent. You remember when they made your breakfast or tucked you in at night, kissed your boo boos and cheered accomplishments. Where once you depended on them they are now dependent on you.

Thank you for your love and your sacrifice – they appreciate it even if they can’t tell you they do.

April Dye is a Christian wife and mother of two. She loves to hang out with family, read, watch movies and television, and her job. You can follow her on face book at and

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