Safety Equipment Every Residential Roofing Contractor Needs


If you want to become a residential roofing contractor or you are thinking about getting into a career in roofing, you need to be aware of all of the steps that you need to take, and all of the equipment that you need to use, in order to remain safe at all times. After all, getting onto the roof of a home can be extremely dangerous, especially when dealing with uneven rooftops or those that have steep  lines.

So what is the safety equipment that every residential roofing contractor should have on hand at all times? Continue reading to learn  more.

Fall  Protection  Gear

The worst thing that could happen while you are working on a rooftop is a fall. Therefore, it is imperative that you protect yourself sufficiently with the right fall protection equipment. This is a broad category, though, as there are many items out there that are designed specifically for professional roofers who want to prevent falls and injuries. A few products that can be considered fall protection gear include anchors, connectors, harnesses, and more. Having a few of these items at your disposal at all times will ensure you can always maintain your safety, no matter how high up on a roof you need to  go.

Protective  Eyewear

Safety eyewear is important, especially when you are dealing with roofing materials that could get into your eyes and cause damage. Purchase equipment that provides you with performance, a comfortable design, and, of course, adequate levels of protection. Lenses that are hard and scratch-resistant are best, and there are also some items that provide an anti-fog coating that will always ensure visibility throughout every roofing job by reducing any fogging that would otherwise  occur.

Rope  Grabs

Rope grabs are really great because you can use them instead of attaching yourself to a fixed anchor. You will be able to utilize adjustable rope grabs in order to prevent falls while still having more mobility as you move around the roof to get your work done. This is because rope grabs let you adjust the length of your lifeline, but you do need to make sure that you constantly grab the excess slack from the line because too much of it will make it easier to fall if you slip. To use rope grabs properly and safely, make sure you are properly trained and  monitored.

Temporary  Guardrails

Another great product for rooftop safety is a temporary guardrail. This is a removable system that is easy to use once you get the hang of it, and it will provide you with protection when you install it securely along the perimeter of any rooftop that you are working on in order to protect you from a fall. Just follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure you are using the guardrail  properly.

When it comes to working on a dangerous rooftop, having the right safety equipment is absolutely necessary. Invest in these items today so that you can ensure you have a successful career as a residential roofing  contractor.

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