Saudi Foreign Minister on Iran’s Influence Over Middle East

By Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, Information  Office

In an interview with Al-Arabiya in New York on Monday, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir responded to President Hassan Rouhani’s address to the 70th session of the UN General Assembly. Minister Al-Jubeir said Iran should not be talking about seeking stability in the region as they are behind regional  stability.

“The Iranian president is the last to discuss democracy in Syria. If it was not for Iran, there would not be the destruction and killing we see today in Syria. Iran supports Bashar Al-Assad by sending thousands of militants and fueling sectarianism between Sunnis and Shiites in Syria and the whole region. They recruit Hezbollah and other militias in the area and send them to Syria to defend Bashar Al-Assad’s regime,” said Minister  Al-Jubeir.

Responding to President Rouhani’s comment that Iran is willing to contribute to a political solution in Yemen, Foreign Minister Al-Jubeir said that “the problem in Yemen was due to Houthis, along with former president Ali Abdullah Saleh overthrowing the government. The Houthis have gone to war multiple times in Yemen.  Iran has relations with the Houthis, as it provides them with weapons and specialists, and Iran is one of the main reasons behind the war in Yemen. Iran is trying to fan the flames in Yemen by smuggling weapons to the Houthis in violation of UN Resolution 2216. Their last attempt was on Saturday, when an Iranian ship loaded with weapons was intercepted.  So, Iran is the last country to speak of stability and security in Yemen. Iran is one of the main reasons for what is happening in Yemen  today.”

In response to Rouhani comments on the Mina stampede, Foreign Minister Al-Jubeir stressed that Tehran is politicizing the human tragedy. “We have previously said that it is unacceptable to use such human tragedy politically, which happened while people were performing a religious ritual,” Minister Al-Jubeir  said.

The foreign minister concluded by saying, “The Iranians know very well that the Kingdom will do everything in its capacity to provide and facilitate visits to the holy sites in Saudi Arabia. The Iranians realize that the Kingdom is doing tremendous work for the service of the guests of Makkah. And I believe what they said contradicts the idea of sovereignty and non-interference. The Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques was clear when he ordered a thorough investigation and will hold any individual or organization accountable if found guilty. This investigation is ongoing and we will make the result public.  The Iranians are the last to speak of Hajj and pilgrims, because they have caused chaos multiple times in the past, through protests in the 80s which resulted in a number of death due to their  riots.”

SOURCE Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, Information  Office

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