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 Course Hero, an online learning platform that empowers millions of students and educators to succeed, has developed more than 200 “Literature Study Guides and Infographics” with detailed analyses on some of the most taught literature books in high school and college. Each study guide includes a visually stunning infographic, a character and plot diagram, a timeline highlighting key events, and more. The comprehensive and practical guides also feature historical and literary context to help students recognize the complex themes and symbolism in each  work.

The growing collection of study guides and infographics spans time periods and genres, including the following widely assigned  titles:

“Designed to be intellectually stimulating and fun, the study guides encourage students to master the themes presented by authors as diverse as Shakespeare, Camus, Hemingway, Machiavelli, and more,” said Michael Levy, Director of Content Development at Course Hero. “We’re excited by the reception of Course Hero’s Literature Study Guides and Infographics among both students and educators. The project is an ongoing labor of love for the entire Course Hero team—writers, subject matter experts, editors, engineers, and designers  alike.”

Course Hero’s complementary Literature Study Guides and Infographics are an effective way for students to gain a deeper understanding of classic works beyond mere plot progression and vocabulary. Students can explore detailed chapter summaries that analyze key events, themes, and symbolism, as well as, learn about plot devices and historical context. Many of the study guides also offer “Things You Didn’t Know” lists of unusual or little-known facts about classic works of literature—like how Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein in a writing contest with her  friends.

“Course Hero’s Literature Study Guides and Infographics are an engaging way for students to more thoroughly understand classical literary works and their complexity,” said Andrew Grauer, CEO of Course Hero. “In all we do, Course Hero seeks to inspire further curiosity and deeper learning, resulting in compound knowledge and ultimately mastery of the subject  matter.”

The Course Hero Literature Study Guides and Infographics are free for students and educators to browse, download, and share with classmates, friends, and colleagues. The library is available to explore here. The company is expanding its digital library of Literature Study Guides and Infographics throughout  2017.

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