Scott Walker: The Man to Beat in Iowa?

The Rapid Rise of Scott Walker


Few politicians these days have more middle class credentials and such strongly tempered political experience as Scott Walker (R-WI).  That background is playing a role in the reception he is receiving as a presidential candidate.  Furthermore, his recent presentation at the Iowa Freedom Summit is being reported as his “break out moment” and the recent announcement by Mitt Romney that he would not be running again for President is creating an environment where the Wisconsin governor is suddenly the candidate to  beat.

This is how the media is reporting on Walker’s surge:

Bloomberg reports: “Walker Surging in Iowa Poll as Bush Struggles.”  Also, “The Bloomberg Politics/Des Moines Register Iowa Poll, taken Monday through Thursday, shows Walker leading a wide-open Republican race with 15 percent, up from just 4 percent in the same poll in  October.’

Slate indicates that Walker might have that illusive “secret sauce” that has made it so difficult for Republicans to win the big race.  It states, “Walker did the most to help himself politically, elevating his stature as a candidate who might achieve the elusive synthesis of pleasing the party base while also attracting a general election audience.”  It has been quite a while since the GOP has found a candidate that could attract the money necessary to win, yet electrify the base that is required to take a candidate all the way to November.  Walker may be that  man.

National Review argues “He’s serious and accomplished enough for the “Establishment,” and indisputably conservative enough for the grassroots. The Left threw everything it had at this guy and he’s still going strong. Despite the questions about his charisma, he’s getting rave reviews for his passion in his appearance this weekend” (at the Iowa Freedom Summit).   The desire of every candidate is to find that necessary piece of information on a candidate to take him or her out in November.  Scott Walker, who has faced unprecedented challenges from his state’s unions, is arguably the most vetted candidate on the GOP  side.

It is too early to say how far this early splash will carry Walker towards 2016, but there is little doubt that he has quickly risen to front runner in a very short time  frame.

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