Sebelius Resigns After the Greatest Alleged Comeback Story of Obamacare

By Dr. Larry Kawa, Special for USDR

Some people like to leave the game while they are on top. Michael Jordan retired twice after winning three NBA championships in a row. Rocky Marciano retired as the last undefeated, undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. Kathleen Sebelius allegedly signed up more people in the last two weeks of Obamacare than in the first two months.

With two weeks to go she had only 5 million signed for Obamacare. Then out of nowhere over 2 million people mysteriously signed up for Obamacare. Normally, such a pull of so many people from literally out of the blue for a law that had been left for dead would have inspired a lot of questions.

Those questions might include who are these mysterious 2 million people? Are they alive? (Remember audits of voter rolls in 2008 and 2012 included many dead people). Did any of these people already have health insurance?

Now, none of those questions will ever be answered. The Secretary of Health and Human Services who pulled off what would have been a near monumental feat upstaged what should have been the biggest Obamacare story of the year so far with an even bigger one, her own resignation.

Her resignation probably came around six months too late as she should have been fired for the botched rollout of The reality is this administration has refused to let anything negative be said about its signature healthcare law and those who have been responsible for its implementation.

When it came time for Sebelius to go, instead of firing her at the right time, they waited until they could put some miraculous positive spin on this so that they can only discuss their “success”.

Any businessperson knows that success isn’t defined by your gross number, it is defined by your net numbers. How many net individual policy holders were generated by Obamacare? When you factor in the over six million that had their health insurance cancelled, I don’t imagine those numbers to be that high. Also how many of these new signups were enrolled into Medicaid?

Getting people to enroll into Medicaid isn’t necessarily a sterling accomplishment.

While I applaud Secretary Sebelius for finally taking responsibility and resigning her post as Health and Human Services Secretary, this is a case of too little too late. Obamacare is costing the economy money and destroying opportunities and jobs.

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