Selling One of These 5 Types of Products? This is Why You Need Gondola Shelving

You may never have heard of gondola shelving before, but if you’ve ever walked into a grocery store, you’ve seen them. Durable metal shelving that can be customized to fit any business’s specific needs for product placement and display, these shelves offer benefits for any retail store owner, but they’re particularly effective if you sell these five products.

Where to Find Shelving for Your Retail Business

However, the first consideration before placing products on the actual shelves is finding shelves. Gondola shelving is a valuable addition to any store, especially with a large number of items for purchase. They allow for innovative ways to maximize the available retail space and can even help increase in-store sales. The cost of buying brand new shelving can be prohibitive, though, especially for a business that’s just starting out. So, what’s the solution? Instead of paying hundreds or thousands more for brand new shelving, look into used options instead. Start by searching for “used store shelving for sale near me” and then look for some great second-hand options that will fulfill any retail needs without breaking the bank. Once you’ve got shelving, it’s time to stock it. If you’re selling one of these five products, gondola shelving is an absolute necessity.

  1. Pet Supplies

If you own a pet store or are going to stock pet supplies, sturdy and large shelving is a must. That’s where the gondola shelving comes in—it can easily hold items like crates, large beds, tanks, or pet food. Depending on how large the store is, gondola shelving can be used for a variety of products. They’re also highly customizable and can be used in virtually endless applications to create any style display or design imaginable.

  1. Shoes

Boots and shoes are another retail product that needs a large amount of shelving space. Did you know that all types of gondola shelving can be sloped downwards at a 45-degree angle? This makes it perfect for displaying shoes or boots while still having plenty of flat shelving space for the actual shoe boxes. It’s also possible to get accessories and attachments like hooks or clips for displaying shoes that don’t require boxes (like clearance or sandals).

  1. Liquor or Soda

Selling liquor or owning a package store requires plenty of clear shelving space to stock soda and liquor bottles, which can be large or oddly shaped. Just any shelving won’t do—it has to be strong and sturdy enough to hold hundreds of pounds of liquid weight, yet still provide a simple, attractive way for customers to see the choices and grab the one they want.

  1. Gardening or Outdoor Products

Remember how gondola shelving also comes with accessories like hooks, extenders, and clips? That’s because it’s also available with pegboard backing, which allows for easy placement of items that can’t stand up independently. It can also be used with endcap displays that allow for special product placement—this is what makes it perfect for gardening tools or outdoor products.

  1. Hardware and Tools

Heavy-duty tools and hardware also require sturdy, specialized shelving. Another aspect for consideration is displaying high-priced, valuable items. However, gondola shelving also comes available with a clear-display security cabinet that allows customers to see the product without the risk of theft. Loss prevention is a huge problem for stores, and gondola shelving can help fix that problem.

Try Gondola Shelving for Your Retail Store

Part of owning a retail store is ensuring you have the right equipment to display your wares. Whether it’s for groceries, clothing, liquor, or even tools, gondola shelving is up to the task and then some. It’s incredibly sturdy, allows for easy viewing and endless customization options. There’s no doubt about it: gondola shelving is the superior choice for retail owners, particularly those with a large number of products for sale.

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