Senior House Republican Sees Significant Savings for Texas in Trump Budget


President Donald J. Trump’s first annual budget proposal puts America first by reprioritizes spending in important ways. U.S. Congressman Brady (TX-08) released the following  statement:

We finally have a President who is committed to restoring the American Dream. President Trump’s budget reduces government waste, slashes the national debt and uses fiscally conservative principles to pave the path towards a balanced budget that will deliver economic growth. Furthermore, it prioritizes the safety and security of our nation by rebuilding our military and securing the southern border. I look forward to passing a balanced, built for growth budget that moves our economy  forward. 

The graph below shows proposed changes over ten  years:


Safety and  Security
o $54 billion billion increase in military spending to fight terrorists lay the groundwork for a larger, more capable strategy-driven  military.
o $300 million towards securing our southern border and immigration  enforcement.
o Recruiting and hiring additional agents, officers, investigators, attorneys, and support staff at CBP and  ICE.

Jobs and  Growth
o This budget prioritizes reforming our broken tax code so workers can keep more of their hard-earned dollars.
o It also takes steps to protect workers and businesses by strongly enforcing our trade agreements and holding our trading partners  accountable.

Regulatory and Entitlement  Relief
Saves $274 billion over 10  years
o By placing an emphasis on reducing waste, fraud, and abuse, President Trump’s budget also takes steps to ensure every dollar invested in important federal programs is truly helping individuals and   families.
o His budget also focuses on helping people in poverty find a job, earn a paycheck, and climb the economic ladder by rewarding  work.
o Cutting Obama era regulations, which have generated annual cost savings of approximately $600 million to $1.2 billion per   year.

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