Serving Divorce Papers Via Social Media

By Right Lawyers, Special for  USDR

At Right Lawyers, we understand serving divorce papers is challenging.  Couples separate, and then over several years lose contact with each other as they drift into other states.  This makes finding spouses difficult. As the leading divorce law firm in Las Vegas, we have a simpler way to notify your spouse you want a  divorce.

Nevada law requires a spouse interested in seeking a divorce to hand the opposing party with divorce papers.  This is referred to as the “service of process.”  We are now offering an alternative to serving by publication, in which the opposing party can be contacted via Facebook or Twitter.  More details on the rules of serving divorce papers can be found at

“We believe this is a faster and easier way to start the divorce proceedings,” explained Stacy Rocheleau, founder of Right Lawyers. “Many of our clients want to get the process over and done with.  They haven’t seen their spouse for years, and need a divorce.”  Stacy also explained that many times the other spouse wants a divorce just as  bad.

There are several benefits to using Facebook, or Twitter to serve the divorce papers. These benefits  include:

  • Out-of-state spouses can easily be served.  Finding where they live, and then hiring a process server is time consuming and costly.  If you don’t find them, you now need to request the court permission to serve by publication.  This takes weeks, and is ineffective.  Who reads a paper in another state?  Serving with Facebook or Twitter is much quicker, and more certain.
  • It avoids serving the wrong party. In some cases, the process server may accidentally serve the divorce papers to a man or woman at the residence, only to later discover that the individual was not the opposing party. This means that the actual party has not been served, and the process must continue.  With Facebook, you are almost guaranteed you served the correct person.

“At Right Lawyers, our goal is to help our clients navigate through the challenging circumstances surrounding divorce in the most easy and efficient way possible,” Rocheleau said. “We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to improve the process as well as the results for our  clients.”

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