By April Dye, Contributor for US Daily Review.

We are bombarded day in and day out with sex.  If it is not half naked women selling anything from underwear to candy, it is half naked men ogling those said women and selling anything from deodorant to sex medication.  It is in our magazines and newspapers.  It is on our televisions, billboards and mall display windows.

Our children even see it on their programs on children channels.  If it isn’t girl characters trying to get boys by getting “sexy” it is watching them kiss and swoon over each other and boys walking around without shirts.  It is gyrating sexy dance numbers of almost every teen actor or actress on Disney and Nickelodeon.

My daughter and son are 9 and 7 almost 8 and they talk about someone being “sexy” or “hot”.  They don’t even know what that means.  What is this teaching our kids?

Outfits sold in stores for children these days are not the children’s clothes they used to be.  They have micro minis and lacey shirts and even high heels.  They have things like “juicy” on the rear end area of their pants. What happened to the cute dresses, girl dresses not mini women’s?  I see little girls (elementary) dressed like they should be in high school or even college.  The dance routines that cheerleaders/dance teams do can also be somewhat stripperish with the gyrating of the hips and mid-drift costumes.

It is hard to go to the store and buy my daughter shorts that her hiney doesn’t hang out of…almost impossible.  Short shorts are the trend.  At least baring tummys is in the past.

We are doing a disservice to our children.  They aren’t allowed to be children anymore.  We keep pushing them to be grown up in certain areas and then keep suppressing those areas they should be growing in.

I have even heard of parents of elementary children who are ok with their kids having “boyfriends/girlfriends” and taking them on “dates”.  What do they have to look forward to when they get older?  If we are letting them do more mature things in elementary how far will they be going in high school?  In my house, even now, bedroom doors stay open and always will and right now we’re thinking no person of the opposite sex in their bedrooms period as they start to get older.

With the clothes these days, the more likely they are getting looked at the way they shouldn’t be; instead of precious innocent children they are looked at as sexual beings.  One thing I think that people, especially parents, don’t think about is that the more mature we let them dress, the more sexual they become.

Am I saying parents are letting their children be looked at as potential victims of pedophiles …well, we aren’t helping.  My husband refuses to let our daughter wear a bikini, with the exception of with just family –  however my daughter after wanting one, wore it once and decided she didn’t like her belly showing.  Think about it, a bikini is equivalent to a bra and panties.  Deny it all you want but it is true.  Our son wears a swim shirt when he swims.  Once he found out they made swim shirts for boys he won’t swim without one.  He doesn’t like  his chest to show.

Let me say, before someone jumps on me, I am not blaming the victim for being attacked, not at all.  I blame society, advertisers and the entertainment industry.  But I also blame those who play into their hands.  We have made women sex objects and unless you can wear a bikini or bra and underwear and look sexy, you are not viable.  We have even given men this impression of women as sex crazed animals and when we turn out not to be that, they don’t understand.  Believe me this is with every husband and wife I talk to.  I have to tell my  husband that it is not just me it is everyone of  my girlfriends.  I even saw it on an episode of Dr. Oz.

How sad is it, think about this in regards to the implication of sex on children …women all over the world who loved the Twilight movies were lusting after a teenage boy.  We need to remember this.  Hollywood sells these children in their movies and tv shows as sex symbols.  Taking pictures of them with their clothes off – even if their private parts are hidden with sheets – they are still naked and trying to be sexy – remember Miley Cyrus, Brittany Spears and Lindsay Lohan…I could go on.

Teenage musicians are selling songs and videos about sexual relationships.  Almost every show on television or in the movies has couples who aren’t married having sex or having multiple partners.  Gee, I wonder why our children aren’t listening to adults about not having sex or the consequences of having sex…because we are hypocrites.  Now a days you can’t even scare children with getting pregnant or having a sexual transmitted disease…they can have legal abortion and can use a condom they got in school.

Beauty pageants have gone from young women getting college scholarships to little girls pimped out to look like little hookers to get money or trophies.

This blasé attitude toward sex is blurring the lines between what is a relationship between a man and a woman, preferably married, to pornography and sex trafficking and rape.  Some will argue that I am being overly dramatic but with the barriers to sex and showing the nude body being torn down so is the rationale of what is appropriate and what is not.  What is reality and what is someone’s fantasy.

I have seen several movies, that going in I would not have even assumed it would be as graphic and dirty as they turned out to be.  Where people were depravedly having sex with any and everyone and showed no remorse.  I seriously had to take a shower after those movies they were so filthy.  In the past I would expect to see some of those scenes in a XXX hard core porn movie not a movie about video games or getting married.

Right now my kids get grossed out by seeing women walking around in bra and panties in ads that run during family programming or even men baring their chests in shaving cream commercials or in clothing store ads. But how much longer will that be?  How soon will it be before my daughter thinks her skirt isn’t short enough or my son wants to go topless to mow the lawn.?

People may think I am a prude.  I have even had someone tell me that the body is beautiful and God made it.  This is all true, however was it not God who killed the first creature and gave it’s skins to Adam and Eve to cover their nakedness?  At the moment of the fall sexual temptation began.  If we are lusting after someone who is not your spouse, married or not, we are sinning.

Sex is supposed to be a form of showing our love for our spouse, to bear offspring.  It has become a tool to manipulate, scorn and demean and to sell a product.

When the body is looked at as a tool to get or sale something where is the line drawn in the sand between flirting and teasing?  Where is the line between saying no and meaning yes?  Where is the line between appropriate and inappropriate?

Think about this…did you have sex before you got married?  Did you wish you would have waited?  Do you want your children to make those mistakes too?  I want my children to stay as innocent as they can.

Life can be hard and there is no reason for them to be grown up before they should.

April Dye is a Christian wife and mother of two. She loves to hang out with family, read, watch movies and television, and her job. You can follow her on face book at Vestal Dye and

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