Shark Tank Idea Comes to Fruition


Nubrella® is pleased to announce its highly anticipated new backpack style worn hands-free and wind-resistant weather protection device/umbrella is now available at: — Just in time for the  holidays.

Nubrella® introduced its initial ‘bubble’ like hands-free & wind-resistant design back in 2009. Nubrella®’s founder, Alan Kaufman, presented its first design on the hit TV show Shark Tank back in season  one.

Although with sales in over 85 countries Nubrella® received significant feedback. It became very apparent people loved the hands-free & wind-resistant new innovation but did not like being fully enclosed in a  bubble.

Thus Nubrella® returned to the design table and has now engineered what many are calling “The Ultimate User-friendly Hands-Free & Wind-Resistant Weather Protection  Solution.”

Nubrella®’s hands-free patented technology is designed for people who have to be outdoors for extended periods of time whether working or just doing everyday recreational activities yet desire far superior protection over a raincoat or cannot or do not want to hold an  umbrella.

New  Features:

  • Comfortably worn like a backpack with adjustable straps and back support for stability.
  • New open-front for perfect vision and non-interfered communication – two highly desired features.
  • Canopy simply functions like a hood going back and forth as needed. When not it stores down users back – eliminating the need to carry anything!
  • Allows for Hands-Free navigation
  • Made of a high-grade UV sun reflective material for hands-free sun protection.
  • Patented aerodynamic canopy is impossible to invert and blocks wind-chill keeping the user significantly warmer. See wind test video:

In our tech obsessed society where everyone is completely dependent upon smart phones and tablets the timing couldn’t be better. More than ever people need their hands-free and their devices protected. With Nubrella®’s extended coverage Nubrella® protects you and your  devices.

Nubrella® has universal appeal and will enhance people’s lives around the world. The company has identified well over 140 usages/applications in the commercial and recreational  fields.

Nubrella® makes for a perfect gift. Everyone can imagine a time they wished they had a hands-free umbrella. From simply riding a bike or watching a sporting event to delivering the mail or a professional photographer the raincoat just doesn’t cut  it.

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