Shooting in a Louisiana “Gun Free Zone”


It has happened again, another “gun free zone” has attracted another murderer at a place intended for family entertainment.  People in the Grand Theater on Johnston Street in Lafayette, Louisiana had that entertainment disrupted in a violent way, ending with 3 dead and 9  injured.

It is speculated that John Houser, 58, had every intention to take flight after these murders, since he had disguises in his vehicle that would be used to cover his trail.  Such planning is the type that comes with one who has confidence they will have little resistance, which is what makes “gun free zones” like this theater so attractive to mass murderers.  Virtually all mass shootings take place in gun free zones in the United  States. Fortunately the quick response of law enforcement, there were much fewer deaths than expected and the perpetrator ended up taking his own  life.

The following is a media wrap up on the  story.

The Wall Street  Journal:

Renew America: Conservatives should regulate “gun free zones” out of  existence

This article is dated (it followed the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary school in 2013), but the argument remains relevant. It is by USDR Publisher and Editor in Chief, Kevin Price for 

Liberals have been masters of permitting businesses, institutions, etc. to “do” things, while at the same time taxing and regulating them to the point that those activities are no longer profitable. Most familiar with the energy industry are aware of how Obama boasts about the large number of drilling permits that are “out there,” but companies choose not to use them. Costly regulations that mitigate any chance of profits will have that affect on  people.

Now the nation is dealing with terrible crimes like what happened at the Sandy Hook Elementary school, leading to the death of 20 small children and several adults, and are trying to determine a sensible policy going forward. Somehow, those on the Left have concluded that Sandy Hook happened because of restrictive gun laws, yet Connecticut and schools in that state have among the most stringent requirements in the country. In spite of that, liberals are advocating more gun  control.

The reality is, “gun free zones” (like Sandy Hook) are warm invitations to evil individuals with perverse intentions. If a person wants to kill the largest number of individuals with the least amount of interference, the best place to go would be a “gun free zone.” The only way this is going to change is if we change the perception of such zones. Instead of being institutions that are under protected (and most cases, unprotected) that depend on the best intentions of law abiding citizens to be safe, they need to become places that those who would do harm, know they will face violent  resistance.

Newly elected Congressman Steve Stockman (R-TX) has introduced a bill to simply prohibit any institution from being able to call them a “gun free zone.” This, he argues, isn’t only because the current law is an infringement of the Second Amendment of the Constitution, but because it is dangerous. Again, places where criminals know that there will not be guns are places they want to go to in order to commit crimes. It is common  sense.

However, in this culture where common sense is held in such low regard, policy makers should consider an alternative… (read  more)

USA Today: Gunman Opens Fire in  Lafayette

A man opened fire with a handgun Thursday night at a movie theater in Lafayette, La., killing two people and injuring at least nine others before killing himself, authorities  said.

Sgt. Brooks David of the Louisiana State Police described the alleged shooter in the incident at the Grand Theatre as a white male, about 58, who entered the theater by himself. Authorities know the identity of the man but are not yet releasing it, David said. About 100 people were inside of the theater at the time, authorities said.

The victims range in age from their late teens to their 60s, Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft   said.

The man did have a criminal record but it was “pretty old,” according to  Craft.

After the man opened fire, he tried to leave with the people fleeing the theater, Craft said. But investigators believe that he spotted two officers in the parking lot, then turned around and went back into the theater. He then fired a single shot, and officers found him dead  inside.

“We don’t know if this was just a random act or whether… (read  more)

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