Should You Refinance Your Home During the Pandemic?

One of the most significant expenses that people have on a monthly basis is their mortgage. Since a mortgage can often cost more than a quarter of someone’e income, finding a way to reduce it is always a good idea. During the recent COVID-19 pandemic, many people have taken steps to evaluate their personal financial situation. One thing that some people have decided to do is refinance their mortgage. There are several benefits that can come with refinancing your mortgage during the recent pandemic.

Time Available to Work on Refinance

One of the reasons why it can be a good time to refinance your mortgage is that you may finally have the time to work on your application. Filing a mortgage application to refinance rates can be a time consuming process. Between filling out the application, gathering financial records and answering questions, those that have a busy life may not have the time to get all the work done. However, with the pandemic, many people are working from home and have more down time than they did before. You could use this as an opportunity to get into a more affordable loan, which will benefit you long after the pandemic is over.

Take Advantage of Lower Rates

One of the most important reasons why someone should get an auto insurance policy is because it will allow them to take advantage of the lower interest rates. Mortgage rates have been very low for the past decade. However, due to a response to COVID-19 and other economic factors, mortgage rates have fallen even further. Most mortgage borrowers today could benefit from a lower interest rate if they decide to refinance. This could reduce their borrowing costs, which could save a lot of money over time.

Take Cash Out

Another benefit of refinancing your mortgage is that it could allow you to take cash out of your home. For the past decade, property values in markets all over the country have continued to slowly appreciate. Those that have continued to own a home and pay down a mortgage each month may be surprised at how much equity they have in their homes. If you do have equity in your property, you could liquidate a portion of it if you do a cash out refinance. This will give you access to money, which could be a very significant benefit during these uncertain times.

Pay Off Other Debt

Using a mortgage refinance with cash out is also a good option as it can give you a chance to pay off other debt. If you have an auto loan, credit cards or student loans outstanding, the interest rates that you are paying are bound to be higher than they would be with a mortgage. Due to this, it can be a good opportunity for you to pay off that debt with the cash that you take out of your home. Ultimately, this could reduce your total monthly expenses and reduce the money you spend on interest.

Pay Off Loan Faster

While a lot of people will take out cash with a refinance, you also could use the refinance to pay down your loan faster. If you are comfortable with your current monthly payment and refinance into a lower interest rate loan, you could continue to make the same monthly payments going forward. If you choose to do this, it will lead to a faster amortization of your loan. Ultimately, this could help you to cut years off of your mortgage and you will eventually be debt free much faster than you would have been otherwise.

Ultimately, refinancing your mortgage could make a lot of sense during the pandemic. With low interest rates, now can be a great time to reconsider your mortgage options. There are several reasons in particular why refinancing could be a great option for you during this situation.

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