Six Great Reasons to Pursue a Career in Criminal Justice

People choose to enter the criminal justice industry for a vast number of reasons. Many want a fast-paced job that allows them to experience something new and different every day, while others want to be at the forefront of making a difference in the world and being able to help individuals on a personal basis, while giving back to the community. And, others are drawn to the great pay and benefits that are earned by most criminal justice professionals. For the most part, it’s a combination of all these career perks that entices people to pursue a position in criminal justice. Here are some of the main benefits of working in criminal justice. 

#1. Career Stability:

When looking for a career, stability is most likely going to be one of the main priorities on your agenda. You may be looking for a career that you can rely on for the rest of your life or, at the very least, a long time. And, not many people these days benefit from a strong level of career security, but criminal justice professionals do. Crime never takes a day off, so when you enter this field, you can be sure that there’ll always be something to keep you busy on a daily basis. Your career will certainly be a lot less vulnerable than many others in the private sector. 

#2. The Chance to Help Others:

If you are a giving, caring person who enjoys helping others, then a career in criminal justice could be the perfect option for you. Contrary to popular belief, working in this field isn’t always about taking down the bad guys – you’ll be working alongside others such as social workers and family liaison officers to be there for the people who need support the most. And, you will be first and foremost helping law abiding members of society by being there to protect them from criminal activity. You will also have a wide range of opportunities to help others and give back to your community, whether you’re advocating for victims or working alongside convicted criminals to rehabilitate them and help them become productive and law-abiding members of society. 

#3. You’re Always Learning:

If you enjoy being intellectually stimulated, then a career in criminal justice might not be the first idea that comes to mind. However, if you think that you don’t have to be that smart to work in criminal justice, then you couldn’t be further from the truth. Whether you are working on the front line as a law enforcement officer, or working in another brand of the criminal justice field, you will spend every day needing to think fast and make decisions on your feet in order to get the job done and get results. You will need excellent people skills as you’ll be dealing with a wide variety of different individuals from various backgrounds every day, and you will need excellent problem-solving skills. If this sounds like you, then you can apply the knowledge and skills that you already have to this career field with an online criminal justice degree

#4. Endless Career Options:

Unlike many careers in the public sector, working in the field of criminal justice means that there is an almost endless array of career options to choose from. You may think about working in a career in law enforcement as a police officer or federal agent, for example, but there are many other career positions that make up the field. For example, you could work as a prison officer helping to keep prisons running smoothly and rehabilitate inmates, or even a prison counselor if you are hoping to get into mental health services in the criminal justice field. If you enjoy science, you might want to consider working as a forensic scientist or crime scene investigator, or become an analyst if you enjoy computing and IT and wish to work in criminal justice in an office setting rather than out in the field. 

#5. Excellent Health and Retirement Benefits:

When it comes to work benefits and perks, the criminal justice field offers some of the best options out there. Law enforcement officers and others working in the criminal justice system usually enjoy a high level of health and retirement benefits that those working in other fields can only dream of. Working in the field of criminal justice, you will be benefitting some of the best health insurance benefits available, particularly if you manage to land a position working for the federal government. Some additional benefits that you will be able to take advantage of include life insurance, tuition and training assistance, paid sick leave and vacation days, and student loan repayment programs. 

#6. Unique Experiences:

If you are looking for a unique career where you’ll be able to learn something new every day and are kept on your toes by a range of different experiences, then working in the criminal justice field could be the perfect choice for you. No matter which position you decide to go for, most jobs in criminal justice are very fast-paced and you’ll be dealing with different people, situations, experiences and solutions on a regular basis. Whether you’re working on the front line of law enforcement, supporting victims, working to rehabilitate criminals, investigating crime scenes or working as a criminal defense lawyer, no two days will be the same. If you want to avoid working in a position that’s monotonous and repetitive, then you can be assured that criminal justice is anything but. 

If you are looking for a fast-paced, exciting career that allows you to learn something new on a daily basis, help others and benefit from amazing benefits and insurance, the criminal justice field could be an ideal fit for you. There are many different positions available to choose from based on your skills, interests and strengths, and you can enjoy an excellent level of career security. 

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