Six Steps to Protecting Your Home and Family During Hurricanes

By The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc., Special for  USDR

The middle of August is the start of peak hurricane season, which continues through late October, placing many areas of the country on alert for potential risk. With this in mind, The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc. (NYSE: THG) offers tips to help homeowners protect their families and properties in the event of a  hurricane.

“Hurricanes can strike quickly and leave behind a lot of damage,” said Tory D. Pachis, assistant vice president of personal lines marketing at The Hanover. “Preparing your home and developing a plan in advance of a hurricane can help minimize  damage.”

The Hanover suggests these six tips to help protect homeowners from the risk of  hurricanes:

Know what’s in your home. A home inventory is often overlooked. An industry poll indicated homeowners’ insurance claims are processed nearly twice as fast if home inventories are completed in  advance.

Gather supplies. It is always a good idea to create an emergency supplies kit. Consider including items such as flashlights, batteries, medicines, a first aid kit, cash, a battery-powered radio, and a week’s worth of water and nonperishable food for the  household.

Prepare your house. Make any necessary repairs to loose boards, shingles, downspouts or other items that can pose problems in high winds and torrential rain. Move any unsecured items indoors, including grills, toys, planters and lawn furniture. Trim or remove any decaying and damaged tree  branches.

Have a plan. Learn the local evacuation routes and make note of where local shelters are located. Have key telephone numbers on hand, such as family, friends, fire and police departments, and your insurance  agent.

Stay informed. Sign up for alerts if possible. Many towns offer weather alerts to help inform residents of ways to stay  safe.

Check your insurance protection. An independent insurance agent can help ensure comprehensive coverages are in place. To find an agent, visit: Some good questions to consider  include:

  • Are current rebuilding costs covered?
  • Should separate flood insurance be considered?
  • Are there any gaps in coverage?

Taking some time to prepare before a hurricane hits can help better protect your family and your property. The Hanover also has created an infographic with more tips for before, during and after the storm:

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