SMS Marketing – Why It Is A Creative Tool To Capture The Market?

There is cut-throat competition everywhere. The word “competition” is not just a word; one can face the heat of competition once they enter the market. Not only in business, in every aspect of life, but you will also find competition. For instance, let us take the example of 2 small kids of age three years. Normally, mothers feed their babies when they are playing among a group of children. She intends seeing other children eating; even her child will start eating. I have done this and experienced that my daughter is eating well when she is with her friends than she is alone. So, here her friend is her competitor. The desire to do more than your opposite person is itself a competition. Just imagine when a small child of 3 years wants to do something more than her friend than an elder person can do wonders. In this way, the heat of competition is spreading in all aspects of  life.

Business competition and SMS  marketing

Now when I say competition, in business it refers to the desire to earn more profits than the competitors for this you as a businessman has to make a number of marketing strategies. When yester year’s marketing strategies are compared, we can find that nowadays the latest technology is being used for marketing strategies. One such marketing strategy is conveying your message through SMS  Marketing.

SMS Marketing is indeed a creative tool to capture the market. The acronym “SMS” refers to “Short Message Service.” SMS marketing is done through SMS messages. SMS messages are the text messages which are sent to a phone. Almost 85% of the world population has a phone to communicate. Nowadays you can find all strange things happening such as small child operating a phone better than an adult person.  SMS marketing can be done only on  phones.

However, there is no house which does not have internet connectivity. The communicative systems run on the internet platform. But to receive SMS message, you don’t need an internet facility.   All you need is a mobile phone with a SIM in  it.

What is the method of sending SMS  messages?

To send a message over the phone is easy. All you have to do is type the message in the input screen available on phones and send it to the person you want the message to be conveyed.   Your phone has an option which enables the service to send the same message to a group of people. This is sending a general message. But when an SMS marketing message has to be sent, you need to do a little homework for that before sending the  messages.

Tips required for SMS  marketing:

  • Identify your customers: The world population is divided on the basis of age groups. Normally, O-12 is generally considered kids; 12-18 is considered as adolescents; 18-30 years of age is considered as a youth; 30-60 years – adults and above 60 is considered as senior citizens. So when you are sending an SMS Marketing message, you should ensure that it is sent to youth, adults or senior citizen age groups. Only then you have a chance of getting potential customers. If not purchase, at least they will try to have a look at the messaged. So this way the marketing message is conveyed. So identifying the customer is very important as it saves a lot of time and energy.
  • Length of the message: Just because your phone provides an option of sending text messages, never send long messages until and unless necessary. People won’t have time to view the whole message.
  • Sweet and short: So your message should be sweet and short and yet convey the complete message. If possible try to convey your message within 120 characters. The usage of words should be very polite, pleasing and simple so that everyone can understand your message. Never hurt anyone’s feeling with your messages or usages of words.
  • Usage of specific keywords or phrases to attract customers: The phrases like “Scheme is expiring soon” or “Discount up to 60%” etc. help you in attracting the customers provided you post the messages to the right age group.
  • Usage of languages: Normally there was an option of sending messages only in English, now it can be sent in many languages provided your phone supports the application. By sending messages in different languages, you can attract the people speaking that particular language as the message can be better understood in mother tongue than English.
  • Viewing of messages: The movement you send the SMS does not expect the viewer to view it instantly. He/she may view at their leisure time or say after some hours of sending the message. Normally some people have the habit of checking their messages in the morning before going to their work and in the night before going to sleep. Always give some time to the viewer to respond to your message.
  • Frequency in sending the messages: Just because you have the facility to send messages, it is advised not to send SMS frequently. You should maintain certain timings such as weekly, fortnightly or monthly. In case you send the messages daily, the viewers may turn your messages into spam, and if that is done, you will lose your opportunity of gaining his/her confidence. Based on the response or feedback you receive from the viewer, you can send the further messages related to your business. Never send the business messages directly. You should always introduce yourselves and the product you are dealing with.
  • Quality of messages: Ensure that the language you use for messages is good. If the language is found filthy and vulgar, it will be turned into spam messages.

This is not to say that SMS marketing messages will result in instant revenue. You are just sharing the information about your product/services. This is creating awareness in public. It is the response or feedback received from the viewer that will decide whether the viewer will become your customer or not. Sometimes it is necessary for you to take the feedback received positively and amend your messages  accordingly.

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