Snapshot of the Modern Family’s Financial Situation


Because family structures have changed significantly over the past several decades, the financial concerns of Americans today vary depending on each family’s own unique structure. With just 19.6% of U.S. households today representing married heterosexual couples with children, compared to 40.3% of such traditional families in 1970,* today’s modern family structures create unique pressures that require new approaches to serving each family’s own financial  needs.

In a newly released white paper built on its groundbreaking 2014 LoveFamilyMoney study,** Allianz provides insights into the various types of modern families and how financial professionals may better serve their unique financial  needs.

LoveFamilyMoney surveyed 4,500 Americans, identified as belonging to either a traditional family (two opposite-sex parents with at least one child at home) or one of six different types of modern families, including same‐sex couples, single‐parent households, those with adult children returning home (boomerang families), multi‐generational families, blended families, and families with older parents and young children. The study explored the emotional needs and financial realities of modern  life.

Allianz’s white paper, Changing family dynamics create new financial needs, is now available on, as are two other new  resources:

  • One-page demographic overviews of each of the seven family types with details including the respondent’s gender, age, race, children’s ages, education, income, savings, debt, financial products and use of a financial professional.
  • A brief overview video that provides a visually compelling look at the study’s findings and changing family financial dynamics.

About  Allianz

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*US Census Bureau, Current Population Survey Annual Social and Economic Summit,  1970-2012.

**The Allianz LoveFamilyMoney® study was conducted by The Futures Company via an online panel in January 2014 with more than 4,500 panel respondents ages 35‐65 with a household income of $50K+, and was commissioned by  Allianz.

The modern family types identified in the study  included:

  • Multi-Generational Families – Three or more generations living in the same household
  • Single-Parent Families – One unmarried adult with at least one child under 18
  • Same-Sex Couple Families – Married or unmarried couples living together with a member of the same gender – with and without children
    • Same-Sex Couple Families with Kids – 35% of the same-sex couple family cohort (543 families). Married or unmarried couples living together with a member of the same gender – with at least one child in the household
    • The sample size for same-sex couples with children is 188 compared to those without children, which is 355
  • Blended Families – Parents who are married or living together with a stepchild and/or child from a previous relationship
  • Older Parent with Young Children Families – Parents age 40+ with at least one child under five in the household
  • Boomerang Families – Parents with an adult child (21-35) who left and later returned to rejoin the family

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