SOGI Executive Order Struck Down in Louisiana

Yesterday, Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry appeared on Washington Watch with Tony Perkins, a national radio show which airs across the country. On the show, Landry discussed the Louisiana Supreme Court’s recent decision to strike down Governor John Bel Edwards’ executive order on sexual orientation and gender  identity.

A.G. Jeff Landry commented, “This is a great victory for our system of government in this country, and in the state of Louisiana, because the system worked as it should.” A.G. Landry continued, “The governor of the state of Louisiana embarked on Washington-style politics where he would try to basically govern in the state of Louisiana by executive fiat. As the Attorney General, I was not going to put up with that — I stand for the rule of law… the courts saw to it that our system of government requires laws to be created through the legislative process and not through some sort of executive   fiat.”

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, the host of Washington Watch and a former Louisiana legislator, added, “We were looking for the courts to uphold the Constitution and validate the fact that the Constitution said the governor doesn’t have this authority. So, the court was not being an activist court as we’ve often seen in Roe v. Wade or in the Obergefell case where they’re creating law. This is a case where the courts actually upheld the  Constitution.”

Because of the massive polarization in legislative bodies — state governments — and all the way to DC, there is a growing effort by chief executives in government to pursue policies without legislative buy in.  The way they pursue such is through executive orders.  However, these approaches are virtually always temporary.  Either they are quickly overturned by courts or (in most cases) modified or eliminated when a new chief executive takes over.

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