Sony Hacked… Really?

By Bill Tatro, Special for   USDR

Being a writer, and now a novelist, for so many years, the SONY hacking raises many unanswered questions for me. First of all, why do so many Hollywood “stars” continue to come to the defense against the attack on American corporations? This leads US politicians to follow suit by stating “our companies will not be bullied”. This is admirable on both parts but it can be considered self-serving for the silver screen types when their livelihoods get cancelled and Washingtonians are looking for their own 20 minutes of fame on the Sunday morning talk shows.

I would suggest to all both West Coast and Washington actors alike that a little more homework be done. SONY is a Japanese company and not an American company. Where is the Rising Sun’s outrage?

In 1938, Orson Wells performed a radio version of H. G. Wells’ classic novel “The War of the Worlds”. It was done so realistically that thousands believed the Earth was actually being invaded by Martians. Mercury Theater on the Air went down in history for a classic, unintended, hoax.

In 1996, an actual intended corporate hoax was played out by Taco Bell. The Company announced, through such major newspapers as the New York Times, Washington Post and USA Today, that they were acquiring the City of Philadelphia’s Liberty Bell. You, of course, can imagine what the new name would be. The bell would spend half the time in the City of Brotherly Love and the other half in corporate headquarters in Irvine, California.

It was also rumored by the White House Press Secretary that the Ford Motor Company would refurbish the Lincoln Memorial thus to be called the Lincoln Mercury Memorial. National outrage was the order of the day.

April Fools all!

However, with six National ads, Taco Bell received hundreds of millions of dollars worth of publicity.


SONY has a bad movie that was expected to bomb internationally-where the real money is made. The company is in trouble, financially, reflecting decades of Japanese governmental mismanagement. In addition, Washington needs something to divert attention away from all of its problems both domestically and internationally.


My final unanswered question more like a statement is where is the outrage when we freely admit to hacking both our adversaries and our allies information banks, tapping Angela Merkel and friends phones, collecting in-depth data on every American citizen, practicing cyber war for years and then being surprised that it is happening to a foreign corporation with roots in Hollywood.

Captain Renault (President Obama) in Casablanca said it so well. “I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling (hacking) is going on here”.

“Your winnings (information) sir!”

Just a few random unanswered questions that should cause everyone to think.


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