Sports Heroes to Zeros

By Michelle Seiler-Tucker, Special for USDR

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, has since implemented a new policy in the aftermath of the Ray Rice domestic violence case. The new policy states that a player will be suspended six games if convicted for domestic violence and suspended indefinitely for a second offense. There is also the case of Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings Player who allegedly beat his child so hard with a stick the boy was left with lacerations, and Darren Sharper, a five-time Pro Bowl player now serving jail time for raping two women by use of drugs. These men are sick! Meanwhile, Carolina Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy has been convicted on two counts of domestic violence and is still playing for the NFL; and so is Ray McDonald of the San Francisco 49ers, who is currently being investigated for abuse allegations, but remains an active player. Obviously, the NFL has ethics issues to work through themselves. And although Greg Hardy has already been found guilty, the league is waiting until the appeal process carries out before making any decision on whether to suspend him. Hardy is making $13.1 million this season, and the others are making millions too. It is ridiculous that these people are being paid so much, while the average schoolteacher risks losing their job for so little as touching a child out of sympathy for their struggle or for situations when reprimanding them. In general, teachers are the heart of this country’s education system. What does it say about American values when we allow our teachers to be so underpaid?

They are the true heroes, not these NFL athletes—or any type of pro athlete. Hope Solo, who plays for the US women’s soccer team, is also under investigation for beating up relatives of hers. NFL stars like Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, Jonathan Dwyer and Adrian Peterson were banished after massive sponsor, political and fan pressure, but Nike, for example has remained silent on Solo’s pending case.

Obviously there is something broken in our society, and evermore corrupt in how we do business and what constitutes a hero. I like to under promise and over deliver my clients by selling their businesses for more than their worth. The actions by these professional athletes have really depreciated and tarnished the NFL brand, and I think they are doing everything in their power to smother this flame and toss it under the rug. I think the results of Grey Hardy’s appeal will be the ultimate test where the NFL can hopefully redeem their credibility. Perhaps we should pay our teachers more, then they can better educate the youth on domestic violence, and prevent this vicious cycle from continuing. Too often domestic violence cases evolve from children who were the abused to the adult who becomes the abuser. Let’s improve our society’s bottom line and refuse to admire and pay these violent losers for more than they are worth.

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