Starving on the Michelle O Lunch Plan on Facebook

By Kyle Olson Special for USDR

A Kentucky high school student is likely the first of many to post a photo of his puny Michelle Obama-inspired lunch on social media this school year.

WBKO reports a Warren East High School 6’3″ student snapped a picture of a tray featuring a container of milk, some fruit that appears to be processed and a bun that may or may not contain meat – or some government-approved variation of it.

If only the detainees at Guantanamo Bay were treated this way.

The news station reports:

More than 700 students eat lunch at Warren East High School each day.

Someone posted a picture of Tuesday’s lunch, and it spread on social media, causing concern among parents over the food’s quality.

“They said someone’s mom posted it and said, ‘This is what they’re feeding my 6’3″ boy,’” explained Khalil Brit, a junior at the high school.

Several parents even contacted WBKO — saying students leave hungry.

Pshaw, says the superintendent.

“In today’s social media age nothing ceases to amaze me,” Rob Clayton, the superintendent of Warren County Public Schools tells the news station.

After the photo went viral, Clayton reportedly visited the school and claimed everyone was happy. Lunch plates were “piled high,” WBKO reports, and when students were asked if they had enough to eat, they replied, “yes.”

Clayton actually blamed the student for the slim pickings on his Styrofoam tray.

“He said students choose what goes on their plates, and picky eaters may turn down some menu items — possibly explaining the photo posted online,” the news station reports.

“They’ll let you get as much vegetables as you want,” Brit says.

So that’s what’s missing – the large mound of lima beans that will surely fill a 6’3″ student.

Take note, parents: these are the rations befitting a terrorist detainee, not your active high school student. Pack a lunch yourself and ensure your child is getting a proper meal.

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