State of Colorado’s Shocking Decision on Infant’s Murder

By Personhood USA, Special for  USDR

The suspect in a gruesome unborn baby killing case, Dynel Lane, will only be charged with unlawful termination of pregnancy and other crimes against the mother, according to Boulder District Attorney Stan Garnett. Personhood USA laments the inadequacy of the charges, which do not recognize Michelle Wilkins’ daughter Aurora as a victim of the  attack.

The 2013 “Crimes Against Pregnant Women Act” does not allow prosecutors to pursue homicide charges against Dynel Lane, who allegedly cut open a pregnant woman at 7 months and stole her baby. The baby did not  survive.

Heather Surovik, who lost her unborn son Brady after a drunk driver struck her vehicle, opposed the “Crimes Against Pregnant Women Act,” noting that it does not recognize unborn children as victims and contains minimal charges for violent criminals who kill an unborn  child.

She co-sponsored Amendment 67 in 2014, which would have closed loopholes in Colorado law and recognized unborn children as victims of criminal acts. The amendment did not  pass.

“I am grieving, knowing what it’s like to be told that your child’s death doesn’t count as a homicide in Colorado,” said Heather Surovik. “Most other states would have already filed homicide charges against the  murderer.”

“I had to sit in a courtroom and listen to Planned Parenthood attorneys tell me that my baby’s life didn’t matter, and that Colorado law was already ‘sufficient’ to protect pregnant women in cases like this,” Surovik continued. “Clearly, Planned Parenthood and the legislators who opposed the Brady Amendment lied to us. Baby Aurora was a person, just like my son Brady, and they both deserve  justice.”

Personhood USA vows to seek justice for babies Brady and Aurora, to ensure that Colorado law recognizes them as victims of  violence.

“We will exhaust every effort to ensure that unborn victims of violence in Colorado are protected by law, so that justice is served,” saidJennifer Mason, spokesperson for Personhood  USA.

Supporters of Amendment 67 organized a spontaneous demonstration outside of the Boulder District Attorney’s office today as the charges were  announced.

SOURCE Personhood  USA

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