A Nutritionist Discusses Stomach Issues

By Jeremy Morris, Associate Editor, US Daily Review.

If your tummy is going through tumultuous times, it may be of benefit to find a friend in the form of a yeast-based probiotic dietary supplement.  Daily stress, struggles with a poor diet, stomach upsets from travel and illness can leave your digestive system vulnerable and in need of a friend to restore digestive strength.

“Health minded people know that the benefits of probiotics come from live microorganisms, and most often associate them with probiotic foods like yogurt, yet there is little awareness that probiotic dietary supplements are also available for those looking for efficient options to help with digestive balance,” said Kerry Neville, a registered dietitian in Seattle. “A yeast-based probiotic supplement like Florastor can help to promote digestive balance naturally so it makes good health sense to add one to your daily diet,” said Neville.

Why Yeast-Based Over A Bacterial–Based Probiotic Supplement?

Probiotics help the good organisms in your intestines to grow and get rid of the bad organisms that can disrupt normal intestinal function. Probiotic dietary supplements are grouped into two categories: yeast or bacteria, which interact differently within the body. Probiotic supplements containing bacteria are made up of different strains which are good for different tasks, so their effects may vary.

“The gut holds approximately 70-80% of the body’s immune cells, so promoting digestive health has a powerful influence on optimizing overall health,” added Neville.  “I recommend Florastor®, a friendly, yeast-based probiotic supplement, because it can withstand the harsh environment of the stomach, while many bacteria-based probiotics are destroyed by acids in the stomach before they even reach the intestines. Florastor®, unlike bacterial probiotics supplements, are not compromised by antibiotic use and are more consistent in increasing the production of immunoglobulin A (IgA), the primary antibody which promotes health and helps defend against infection.”

About Florastor Supplements

Florastor is the world’s most widely used probiotic and is unique because it is the only yeast-based probiotic available in major retail pharmacies throughout the United States. Florastor® contains active Saccharomyces boulardii lyo, a friendly yeast found naturally on the skin of the tropical fruits, lychees and mangosteens. Florastor® has versatile options appropriate for adults and children as young as two months. Available in capsule form or dissolvable, kid friendly packets (both 250 mg,) Florastor® is an easy way to ensure digestive health for the whole family. Florastor® is available in many major retail pharmacies. For more information and for a store locator, visit www.florastor.com. Florastor and Florastor Kids are manufactured by Biocodex, a globally recognized and trusted pharmaceutical company. Florastor has been studied and trusted since 1953 and is the number one probiotic worldwide. Florastor® is recommended by doctors around the world and has been promoting intestinal health in adults and children for over 50 years.

According to a company statement, “Biocodex is a privately held pharmaceutical company based in Gentilly, France. Founded in 1953 by Michael Hubolt and Francois Ballet, Biocodex specializes in three therapeutic areas- gastroenterology, neurology, and psychiatry and pain treatment. Biocodex products are present, in various forms and names, in some 100 countries.”

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