"Stop Hillary" Pac Reacts


Today, Stop Hillary PAC, the leading anti-Hillary Clinton organization, delivered 10 boxes with 18,800 pages of signatures from Americans who support Rep. Trey Gowdy and the House Select Committee on Benghazi. In total, 264,220 people signed the Stop Hillary PAC petition, which urges Rep. Gowdy to subpoena Hillary in order to uncover the truth about Benghazi and subsequent cover up by the then Secretary of State and President Barack Obama.

“Americans want the real story about the terrorist attack in Benghazi, and it’s imperative the Congressional Select Committee runs a full and thorough investigation,” said Ted Harvey, Honorary Chairman. “264,220 of our supporters from across the country have signed our petition to subpoena Hillary to testify so that the truth can be uncovered.”

Stop Hillary PAC was the first anti-Hillary PAC to file with the FEC and leads the movement to stop Hillary Clinton from becoming President. Over the last year the PAC has raised approximately $1M and received the support of almost 600K Americans.

Additionally, on September 17th, Stop Hillary PAC went live with a $100K TV and digital ad-buy in NH, SC, and IA demanding Hillary Clinton answer for the American lives lost in Benghazi. This is the first ad-buy from any anti-Hillary organization or PAC and can be found here: http://youtu.be/pfFLtDJBTAs.

Today there is not a more powerful, well connected politician in America who threatens to do real harm to the American way of life thanHillary Rodham Clinton. Hillary Clinton is the liberal standard-bearer of the next generation of radical policies, and Stop Hillary PAC is committed to saving America from this destructive far-left politician who is trying to transform America.

About Stop Hillary PAC: The PAC was created for one reason only – to ensure Hillary Rodham Clinton never becomes President of the United States. Hillary Clinton is the liberal standard-bearer of the next generation far-left machine, and we will hold her accountable wherever she goes and whomever she supports. We can’t survive more Obama-era radical liberal policies that are implemented by a Bill and Hillary Clinton team back in the White House. See more at www.stophillarypac.org

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