Stop Iran Rally: New Yorkers To Protest Iran Deal at Senator Gillibrand’s Office; Bipartisan US Senators, Families of Iran Terror Victims to Speak

By Stop Iran Rally, Special for  USDR

Stop Iran Rally, the grassroots movement that brought 15,000 people to Times Square in July, will protest against the dangerous deal with Iran at Senator Gillibrand’s office in New York City on September  1.

US Republican Senator Lindsey Graham and retired US Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman will headline the bipartisan rally, where they will deliver a landmark foreign policy  speech.

Family members of victims of Iranian terror, including the daughter of an Iranian journalist who died a political prisoner and the brother of a US Navy Seal tortured and killed on TWA Flight 847 by Iranian proxy Hezbollah, will also address the thousands of New Yorkers expected to attend the  rally.

The nature of evil regimes will be the subject of an important speech by a child survivor of medical experiments and torture at a Nazi labor  camp.

“Moral outrage is what New Yorkers feel about this dangerous deal because the Iranian regime has shown itself, since taking the American embassy in 1979, to be vile law breakers with complete disregard for human life,” said Jeffrey Wiesenfeld, one of the volunteer activists coordinating the  rally.

“The twisted Iranian regime will treat this deal with the same contempt and disdain they show when hanging hundreds of Iranian homosexuals from cranes in downtown Tehran,” Wiesenfeld said. “This is who America is partnering with, and the stakes are too high to be  fooled.”

Senator Gillibrand has pledged to support the deal, while New York’s senior Senator Chuck Schumer, whose office happens to be in the same building, at 780 Third Avenue, opposes the agreement and has argued that America should hold out for better  terms.

The Stop Iran Rally is inviting thousands of New Yorkers to show Senator Gillibrand how vital her opposition to this deal is for her constituent voters. The rally’s message is simple: “Vote  No.”

Among the many speakers scheduled for September 1, New Yorkers will hear  from:

Senator Lindsey Graham – Third-Term Republican Senator, Congressman, Air Force Reserve  Colonel.

Senator Joe Lieberman – Chairman of United Against Nuclear Iran, Former Democratic and Independent Senator, serving from 1989 to  2013.

Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi – Iranian human rights activist and filmmaker whose father, journalist Siamak Pourzand, was held for a decade as a political prisoner and dissident before killing himself, at 80, while under house  arrest.

Ken Stethem – Former US Navy SEAL whose brother Robert Stethem, also a Navy Seal, was kidnapped, along with 39 other passengers on TWA Flight 847, then tortured and shot by Iranian terro proxy  Hezbollah.

Sami Steigmann – Sami is a child survivor of experiments, abuse and torture at the hands of Nazi doctors at labor camp in Mogilev Podolski, Ukraine, during World War  II.

Protesters will line the street in front of Senator Gillibrand’s New York office, at 780 Third Avenue, between 49th and 50th Streets. The rally will be from 5:30PM to  7:30PM.

The rally is being organized by the volunteers at the Stop Iran Rally  Coalition.

SOURCE Stop Iran Rally  Coalition

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