Success Training Institute Providing Job Skill Training to Veterans

By Success Training Institute, Special for  USDR

Success Training Institute has announced a new initiative aimed at helping military veterans acquire key people skills to increase their chances of securing gainful employment. The online soft skills training company believes its platform is ideally suited for veterans looking to transition into the civilian  workforce.

“Our proven, online video training programs include hundreds of original, copyrighted soft skills classes covering almost every conceivable topic,” said Success Training Institute CEO DL Wallace. “Best of all, our modules are engaging, relevant and easy to apply as each lesson is 8 minutes or less.” The concept of learning in small segments has proven to be a highly effective method for increasing retention and implementation of training  content.

The unemployment rate among veterans is significantly higher than other demographics. Success Training Institute seeks to bridge this gap through soft skills  training.

Success Training Institute offers certifications in a variety of interpersonal skills courses, which include: problem solving, conflict resolution, team building, leadership, customer service, interviewing skills, sales and business etiquette. On the average, certifications can be earned in as little as six weeks and there is no limit to the number of courses veterans can  take.

A recent Harvard University study revealed over 85 percent of employers prefer soft skills training over technical training and additional  degrees.

“As a West Point graduate and business owner, I am convinced that when employers see these soft skills certifications on the resumes of our veterans, it will show them they’re serious and most of all, ready to take on the challenge of excelling in the business world,” said Ovi Alfaro, military veteran and president of Ashwood Enterprises. “Success Training Institute is doing its part to help our soldiers and I think this program is amazing and affordably  priced.”

Success Training Institute offers discounts to current and retired military personnel and also works with non-profits specializing in offering assistance to veterans. Its goal is to train more than 40,000 veterans by the end of 2016; equipping them with the skills needed to secure better jobs and even own their own  businesses.

“Gainful employment is the cornerstone of the American Dream,” said Wallace. “However, the key to achieving the Dream is proper training and that’s what we do  best.”

About Success Training  Institute
Success Training Institute is an online video education company specializing in original soft skills training content. Endorsed by Corporate Executives, College Presidents, Military Veterans, and Entrepreneurs, the Success Training Institute courses can be accessed on demand from any smart phone, tablet or laptop. Success Training Institute is based in Addison, Texas. Find out more at

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