Supper Time in the White House

Editor’s Note: Our leadership has decreed that now is the time  to make the most of what we have. We should be humble in our actions and ideas. Of course, one must lead by example. Does President Obama take his own message to heart? Is he, as the old adage suggests, what he eats?

By Ed Farnan

Before jetting off for his ten day vacation at Martha’s Vineyard, President Obama admonished us to eat our peas. Interwoven in his message were many references of shared sacrifice. …For us.

Most assume he meant we will have to tighten our belts. Times are tough right now and it will take sacrifice=”eat yer peas”! I lived in a house where you had to sit at the table until you finished ALL of the peas on your plate. To hear a voice of authority say “eat your peas” evokes memories of long unpleasant nights at the dinner table.

It seems every time we turn around we are getting hit with”shared sacrifice” talking points from whatever media source is within earshot. These talking points are used to drive home a point of austerity, softening us up for the hammer to come down on the… Read More

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