Symmetry Financial Group Debt Free Life: Real Customer Stories

Debt is a major source of stress and financial hardship. The average American earning between $52,700 and $86,100 a year holds between $4,400 and $6,800 in credit card debt. However, when combined with mortgages, student loans, car payments, increasingly expensive smartphones leased over a period of years, and other assets, the numbers can quickly add up to the tens or even hundreds of thousands – and many people don’t have anything resembling a cohesive plan to pay it off, even as they approach retirement age.

This is why Symmetry Financial Group created Debt Free Life: a tried and tested way to eliminate debt over a period of nine years or less without requiring the client to spend a single additional cent. This plan also helps clients save a significant amount of money for their retirement fund. Consumers use the cash value of a life insurance policy to pay off debts instead of borrowing from conventional lenders, which means that they don’t accrue interest. Instead, life insurance policies give people cash to pay off their debts and eventually build up a healthy savings fund for their retirement, transforming their lives for the better in the process.

People are choosing Debt Free Life as a way to rethink their finances and get out of debt on their terms.

These are people like:

  • The Dillworths, who have saved over $108,000 in interest, will eliminate their debt entirely in the next 6 ½ years, and have developed a much deeper knowledge of their personal finances.
  • Michelle, who has saved $141,473 in interest by paying off her debt in 6.2 years instead of 27 years.
  • Alejandra, whose Debt Free Life plan allows her and her husband to save up to $3 million for retirement, eliminate $500,000 in debt, and avoid paying over $100,000 in interest.
  • Luke and Jennifer, whose real estate businesses crumbled during the Great Recession of 2008 and held $275,000 in debt, who will have no debt within seven years (instead of 22), saving them $50,000 in interest and positioning them to have up to $1.2 million for retirement.
  • Jacob and Amanda, who were facing $161,000 in debt and needed over 38 years to pay it off, who will instead pay it off in 8 years, saving $20,000 in interest while creating $1.4 million to use for their retirement.

Using Debt Free Life, it’s easier than it ever has been for people to get out of debt on their terms – and not terms imposed by financial institutions, previous lenders, families, or anyone else. Someone’s financial future is theirs and theirs alone, and no one else should have the power to determine what it looks like – especially when people are so often forced to make difficult decisions to stay afloat in troubling times.

To get started with Debt Free Life, prospective clients just have to fill out a short form including their name, date of birth, address, phone number, and email address, and a representative from Symmetry Financial Group will reach out to discuss how to create a new financial plan to eliminate debts and create a life-changing retirement fund.

This affordable turnkey solution has helped countless people like those above build a legacy and protect their families, cut their tax bills, and sleep more comfortably at night – all while providing a substantial life insurance policy in the event that the worst ever happens. The sooner those in debt start taking steps to eliminate it, the better the results will be, so no there’s no time like the present to get started.

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