Ted Cruz Announces Presidential Bid

A media wrap up.


It has been obvious for quite some time that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has every intention to run for President of the United States.  Monday, he plans on formally making that announcement.  This is what the media has had to say about those  intentions:

Fox  News:

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz is expected to announce on Monday he will run for president in 2016 — making him the first candidate to formally enter the race, Fox News  confirms.

Cruz is expected to make the announcement during a speech at Liberty University in Lynchburg,  Va.

He is expected to start his campaign immediately rather than launch an exploratory committee, which many do as a precursor to a campaign. The move, some say, is expected to send a strong signal that his is ready to  run.

Other candidates who have been rumored to run for the…(read  more)

Associated  Press:

Fox  News:

Potential presidential candidate Scott Walker (R-TX) weighs in on Cruz’s probable  announcement:


Details about Cruz’s Monday campaign launch were first reported by The Houston  Chronicle.

Cruz, 44, has considerable appeal among the Republican Party’s base of conservative  voters.

Following his election to the Senate in 2012, the former Texas solicitor general quickly established himself as an uncompromising conservative willing to take on Democrats and Republicans alike. Criticized by members of his own party at times, he won praise from tea party activists for leading the GOP’s push to shut the federal government during an unsuccessful bid to block money for President Barack Obama’s health care  law.

One of the nation’s top college debaters while a student at Princeton University, Cruz continues to be a leading voice for the law’s repeal. He also promises to abolish the Internal Revenue Service, scrap the Education Department and curtail federal regulators, likening them to  locusts.

Cruz has left little doubt about his 2016 intentions in recent weeks. He made his first trip to New Hampshire earlier this month to help lay the groundwork for a presidential campaign, having already begun to ramp up outreach to party activists and  donors.

While in New Hampshire, Cruz told voters his daughter, Caroline, had given him permission to join the presidential race in the hopes that the family puppy would get to play on the White House lawn instead of near their… (read  more)

Ted Cruz for President  Campaign:

Overnight the Senator released the following  video:

ABC’s very thorough coverage that includes his actual speech at Liberty University:

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