Ten Things I want for Christmas

By Malcolm Out Loud, Contributor, US Daily Review.

Malcolm Out Loud's Christmas list includes... Cathy Rigby? Read the rest of the story.

10. For S&P to admit they gave AAA ratings to the subprime bonds that were backed by toxic housing assets and to give us our AAA rating back – jerks!

9. For the Occupy Wall Street people to go home and stay out of our flipping’ parks

8. For the government to stop printing money while charging me more in taxes

7. For the bank to stop bullying me with fees and then asking for a flipping bailout

6. For Herman Cain to admit he touched all those women and is damn proud of it

5. For Congress to admit that one of the perks of Congress is insider trading

4. For everyone to get a job and stop collecting 99 weeks of unemployment benefits on my dime

3. To stop pretending that Americans give a rat’s derriere about people that live in a tent

2. To castrate the private parts of pedophiles and say that fast three times, I dare you

and #1 on my list of Christmas Wishes…

1. For Cathy Rigby to stop pretending she is a boy and give up her role in Peter Pan

On a recent Price of Business show (M-F, 8 pm CST, the radio partner of US Daily Review), Malcolm visited with host, Kevin Price about this list and more. Hear that interview in its entirety here.

About Malcolm Out Loud:

Social and political news commentator Malcolm Out Loud is also the host of WebTV show  Malcolm Out Loud TV, an acclaimed motivational speaker, founder of Brink Thinking and the author of the book Smash The Competition. More about him at www.MalcolmOutLoud.TV

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