"Terrorism and the Death of Major General Harold Greene"

By Jack Duffy, Special for USDR

On August 15, 2014 Major General Harold Greene was murdered at Camp Qargha’s Marshal Fahim National Defense University in Kabul, Afghanistan. 14 NATO and Afghan service members were also wounded in the attack. General Greene is the highest ranking America…n service member killed since the September 11, 2001 attacks. He is the highest ranking American officer to be killed by terrorists. General Greene was an outstanding man and officer. He had an engineering background and a Ph.D. from U.S.C. He had received numerous awards including the Purple Heart, the Legion of Merit and the Meritorious Service Medal. He was killed by an assassin dressed as an Afghan soldier who fired a machine gun from a building. This is the reality of the enemy that America is fighting now in the Middle East. We are facing an adversary that does not observe or respect the traditional rules of war. They are an adversary that has no respect for human life including their own. They have demonstrated time and again how ruthless they are. They are willing to kill anyone, anytime, anywhere including women and children. They are the 21st century version of the Nazis except worse. This is quite a feat. ISIS and other terror groups routinely execute innocent men, women, and children. They behead them and torture them. Like the Nazis they have executed hundreds of innocent people in mass graves. They will use any weapon available to kill their victims.

Iran is in the process of obtaining a nuclear weapon. If they succeed there is a very high likelihood that someday America will be attacked by terrorists using such a weapon. The destruction and death will make the 9/11 attacks look insignificant. America cannot afford to wait for such a tragedy to happen. In my upcoming novel “B.L.A.C.K. M.A.M.B.A.” a new terrorist group emerges that takes over and controls all the terrorist organizations in the world. B.L.A.C.K. M.A.M.B.A. becomes the most powerful and ruthless adversary the civilized world has faced. They assassinate several world leaders using insiders the victims trust and never suspect. B.L.A.C.K. M.A.M.B.A. has nuclear, biological, chemical and cyber weapons. They threaten the world and strike rapidly when their demands are not met. They use the most ingenious methods to kill their targets. Like General Greene they specifically kill high profile individuals to inflict psychological damage on the world. Although my book is fiction it accurately depicts the current War On Terror. Al Qaeda and other groups would kill our leaders if they had the opportunity. No one is safe from the terrorist threat. History has shown that anyone can be assassinated if the attack is planned well enough. The best case in recent history is the JFK assassination. Although JFK was not killed by terrorists the people who organized his death planned everything down to the slightest detail. That is one of the primary reasons they succeeded and why the truth is still hidden today.

The death of General Greene was a tremendous loss for our country and a huge propaganda victory for the terrorists. It is their way of trying to intimidate the U.S. by killing a very important leader. Insider terrorist attacks were rare in the first few years of the war in Afghanistan according to the New America Foundation. After the surge in 2009 the number of attacks increased. Attacks hit a high of 48 in 2012. Since then they have declined with the withdrawal of U.S. troops. Attacks have been carried out by Afghan soldiers and police officers. Taliban militants disguised as Afghan security forces have killed Americans. What is the motive behind these attacks? One former CIA official said “Witnessing the horrors of war sometimes inspires soldiers to turn against their one time allies.” The Defense Department estimated 40% of the attacks were caused by Afghan members own combat or emotional stress and 15% were the result of intimidation by the insurgency or actually being recruited by them. 10% were from imposters who were not part of the military. U.S. forces have begun using “guardian angels”. These are armed troops who watch other soldiers during meal times and when they sleep. In the past unarmed troops at meetings or dining halls have been vulnerable to attacks. Now all troops carry weapons everywhere. The Defense Department lists several indicators that could show whether someone is a potential threat. They include complaints about other religions or countries, comments that advocate violence, a personality change, becoming isolated and speaking in favor of radical beliefs. One official said “Insider attacks are threats that are difficult to always ascertain, to come to grips with anywhere, particularly in a place like Afghanistan.” The Afghanistan National Security Council (ANSC) recently accused Pakistan of supporting terrorism in Afghanistan. The ANSC went on to say that Pakistan has “continued its support of the Taliban and increased its presence of both military and advisers among the terrorists in Afghanistan.” Some estimates indicate that 70% of all U.S. military aid given to Pakistan has been misappropriated by that government with some of it going to support terrorism in Afghanistan.

The lesson of this tragedy is that terrorists will continue to plot and use more diabolical ways to kill Americans. We have to think like they do to defeat them. We have to anticipate their moves. No Afghan or Iraqi should be completely trusted anymore by our military. Otherwise we are risking another attack on a high ranking leader.

Jack Duffy is a trial lawyer from Ft. Worth, Texas. He is the author of “The Man From 2063” and the upcoming novel “B.L.A.C.K. M.A.M.B.A.” He is the C.E.O. and President of The Man From 2063, Inc. He is the host of a weekly radio show. He is a legal commentator for national radio. He is a guest writer for publications. He is a JFK assassination researcher and speaks often about his research. See More

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