Texas: Cinema’s New Hot-Spot

With economic restrictions running rampant throughout the American film industry, new options are arising for would-be successful artists. Beginning a film project, as with any new venture, is a struggle even with the right material. There are companies, however, rich with experts, contacts and necessary know-how, eager to help burgeoning film-makers succeed. 

 Though Texas is indeed seeing strong results in a number of fields, every advancing market and concept helps to build local economy and attract outside interest. Beginning a series of looks at the flowering Texas film industry, we focus on Marketing Dynamics – a strong, Southern outfit with a competitive spirit. This is a film marketing company keen to get local and large projects rolling.

Marketing Dynamics is a strategic marketing firm.  Our Team of strategic marketers and tactical specialists focus on helping clients leverage all their opportunities by implementing proven marketing principles.

Founded in 1999, Marketing Dynamics has worked with clients like Toshiba International, Home Depot, BUB Racing, Kingdom Racing, Harley-Davidson,Texas A&M University, BMW, Greater Houston Builders Association, Open Door Mission, Sona MedSpa, Kingdom Assignment Foundation, many media personalities, musicians, actors, veteran movie producers and directors, screenwriters, construction contractors, mechanics, publishers, not-for-profits, real estate investors, and more.

We can assist in these key areas to aid our clientele: pricing and distribution strategy, brand development, use of media and public relations, communications, strategic alliance development, advertising and sales, new product and service development, market research, event and entertainment marketing, spokesperson utilization, promotional planning, packaging, social media, on-line marketing, and more

We currently have a slate of films totaling in excess of $300M in budgets. Filmmaking is a collaborative art, with many taking several years to produce.  However, in motion picture, there are many ways to network and build friendships and allies in business, in life at the movies.

We help our filmmakers and businesses in theatrical releases in the following ways:

  • Review of the screenplay
  • Assist with initial website to help market the film to key producers
  • Development of selling tools to help promote the early stages of the film
  • On- the-set client relations opportunities
  • Celebrity Photo-Ops
  • Make phone calls to existing contacts in the industry to garner their interest and support
  • Help to secure music for the soundtrack through our connections and contacts
  • Use of cinematic photography for promotional benefits, read more


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