Texas City Bans Ministry to Women and Children in Crisis


Today, Liberty Institute and Dallas lawyer Kirte M. Kinser, on behalf of their client Agape Resource and Assistance Center, Inc., sent a demand letter to the City of Plano for ordering the ministry to women and children in crisis to cease and desist meetings and counseling in the homes that Agape runs for women and children in crisis.

Agape is a faith-based holistic servant ministry of peace and justice, committed to serve urgent or unmet housing, counseling and other service needs of women, their children and dependents, and unaccompanied youth in poverty and crisis.  Agape accomplishes this mission by providing services to vulnerable citizens in need to assist them toward their goal of a quality, self-sustainable life.  Agape seeks to bring hope, light and love to as many women and children in need that it can in accordance with a Biblical mandate, and it frequently draws upon the Bible for inspiration, instruction and encouragement of those Agape serves.

In the letter, Mr. Kinser and Liberty Institute inform the City of Plano that placing an unlawful ban on Agape’s onsite counseling and monthly meetings for women and children in need violates state and federal statutory and constitutional law. Agape scheduled its next monthly meeting on June 17. Attorneys plan to proceed with legal action, unless the City of Plano lifts its unlawful ban by June 12 at Noon. To view the demand letter online, follow this link: http://libertyinstitute.org/agape

“It is unlawful and unjust for the City of Plano to ban the ministry of Agape Resource and Assistance from fulfilling its calling to serve local women and children in crisis,” said Hiram Sasser, Liberty Institute’s Director of Litigation.  “We are hopeful that the City of Plano will lift its unlawful ban, and no further legal action will be necessary. This is an outrageous violation of our client’s religious freedom.”

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