The Armament of Al Qaeda

By Ed Farnan, USDR Contributor

According to news reports, as many as 20,000 sophisticated shoulder launched anti aircraft missiles have fallen into Al Quaedas hands. These missiles are easy to use, portable, weigh approx. 55 lbs., have a range of two miles and have the ability to bring down a commercial airliner. They are heat seeking and home in on the exhaust of jet engines.  Just firing them in the general vicinity of a slow moving, fully loaded aircraft on climb out, will result in an easy kill.

These same type missiles are what the US gave to fighters in Afghanistan when the Soviet army occupied that country. The use of those missiles lead to the utter defeat of the Soviet army by unsophisticated Afghan fighters who shot thousands of soviet aircraft out of the sky.

Just how the terrorist organization got its hands on these deadly weapons, is coming to light and a disturbing picture is starting to emerge. Seems that with the collapse of the Khadaffi regime, there was a power vacuum which left hundreds of Libyan arms depots, usually under heavy security, unguarded.This allowed the wholesale removal of hi-tech sophisticated weapons by any groups that wanted access. It is known Al Quaeda has its tentacles in the struggle going on in Libya and has a heavy presence with the Jihadist movement.

Although the removal of the dictator Khadaffi has been an announced goal of the Obama administration, a few key details seem to have been overlooked, such as just who and what will take his place and very importantly what will happen to the stockpiles of weapons.

Obamas vow that there will be no US “boots on the ground”, probably emboldened Al Quaeda.   While we bombed Ghadaffis forces into oblivion with our fighter aircraft, meant  there was a security gap when no one guarding the arms chicken coops.  When the terrorist wolves paid them a visit, they just backed up their trucks and loaded up what they wanted….There was no one to stop them, oops!
If airliners start to get blasted out of the sky, the Obama foreign policy decisions are going to take center stage and it is not going to be pretty.  It won’t bode well for his re-election chances and it will also reflect poorly on the State Department who carried out these policies.

Nuclear armed Pakistan is overtly attacking our forces in Afghanistan.  Egypt’s President was toppled while this administration stood by. We demand Israel retreat back to it’s pre 67 borders and encourage Israels enemies.  Iran is moving full speed ahead with nuclear armament, not bothered at all by any bluster coming from us.

It seems the result of almost three years of this administrations policies:  Our friends don’t trust us and our enemies don’t fear us.

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