The Battle of Ages: Sprayers or Rollers for Home Renovation?


There is no secret that paint sprayers are currently the most effective way of painting very large areas. These modern devices today come on the market in different sizes, types and of course power ranges. But their greatest benefit is in their easiness of use. Below we described some of the greatest advantages you can get from using paint  sprayers.

Speed and  Accessibility

If you use pain sprayers for painting large areas you get the job done several times faster if compared to using a regular paint brush or a roller. The same rule is applied to spray foam guns that are frequently used for roof job. All kinds of sprayers emit tiny particles of paint and so you can be sure to complete quick coverage in every corner and nook of a wall or the painted piece of furniture. According to the recent tests with paint sprayers and rollers, the latter cannot easily access the corners of the walls and small spaces because of the shape. They say that even if you try to force the roller in, as a rule you are very likely to end up with lots of scratches on the surface or splotches of wet paint. With the use of a paint sprayer such a problem is  easily.

Even  Coating

If you try to use spray foam guns or paint sprayers and then a regular paint roller you will see a great difference because as a rule rollers cannot offer you a smooth finish in the end. On the other hand, paint sprayers are simply perfect in this aspect because the smallest paint particles form a perfect fine mist which ideally envelops all the surfaces that it comes in contact with. This particular property of paint sprayers makes them very attractive for painting stains on furniture, window frames or stairs. If using paint sprayers for floor painting remember to totally cover the surfaces that you do not want to be  painted.


Today the market offers all kinds of paint sprayers as well as spray foam guns. They come in different sizes and varieties, so whether you are a homeowner, a contractor, or a professional painter you will find a model that will be perfect for  you.

The market of Canada also has all types of paint sprayers in any price category. In case you are not sure about the proper type of a sprayer to purchase for your own needs you can either find the model you are looking for to rent it or purchase Garco sprayers for sale in order to understand the pros and cons of your sprayers and only after that get yourself one. In any case, you can have 100% assurance that you will find the right model of a paint sprayer because we are sure that after all the probes one of the thousands will definitely work perfectly for your  needs!

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