The Benefits of Weatherizing Your Home

1. What it Means to Weatherize Your Home 

Weatherizing is a term used to refer to modifying your home to protect it from weather elements and reducing power consumption. The most common weatherization practices include upgrading the old windows to the modern double-glazed ones for energy efficiency. If your house has openings such as cracks and gaps contributing to high energy consumption, filling them is part of weatherization.

You can do weatherization to your entire house, or in some areas. Whole house weatherization includes upgrading the materials used in making your home, such as the window and door frames, and panes in to energy-efficient ones. Old appliances that consume a lot of energy are replaced with smart ones that minimize energy consumption.

However, weatherization can affect the air quality in your home. It reduces the transfer of air in the house, which can lead to moisture and pollutants retention. As a result, people with allergies can start reacting. To control this effect, a smart HAVC system can be installed to help in air purification.

2. Benefits of Weatherization for Your Home 

Before weatherizing, heating, and cooling a house solely depends on electricity. However, when this process is complete, this dependence reduces. Because cold or hot air will not find a way into the house, power consumption reduces. It means saving on Pepco power bills, where savings can reach $1,000 annually.

Weatherizing also helps to increase comfort in a home. Because the temperatures can be controlled naturally, it no longer feels uncomfortable when the weather outside changes. Additionally, because a smart HAVC system is installed to purify the air, people with allergies do not have to worry about air pollutants.

It helps in prolonging the lifespan of home appliances. Equipment such as heaters can have an extended life because they are not required to function throughout. Weatherized homes maximized nature for things such as lighting and ventilating the house. Therefore, your equipment works less, which contributes to their long life.

Also, weatherizing has eco-friendly effects on the environment. Because there is less energy consumed, there is less pollution, leading to reduced rates of global warming.

3. Winter Home  Weatherization Tips

Check and clean your air filters regularly. Since they filter a lot of pollutants, they get dirty quickly. Make sure you clean them thoroughly every month. It is also recommendable to change them every 3 months. Clogged filters can consume a lot of energy because they need it in unusually high quantities to keep running. Since dirty filters do not have their full functionality, they can let in pollutants, leading to an increased risk of sicknesses.

Sediment cumulatively gathers in your water heater, distracting your water flow. To weatherize, flush to enhance its efficiency. This task does not require expert help since it is an easy DIY. If you do not know how to flush, search for videos to demonstrate it, and follow the process.

Clean your gutters to get rid of ice buildups. It is a tedious task, but it can help in protecting your roof. If you leave the ice heaps without clearing, and the temperature rises, it can lead to unwanted situations. The ice melts, and because the drainage is clogged, the water gets retained in the gutters. It can sip inside your house, creating ugly spots on the walls. It can also attract insects such as mosquitoes that thrive in wet areas.

Do you wonder why homeowners focus so much on weatherizing their houses? Because it has many benefits than drawbacks. If you have not yet weatherized yours, you are missing what other property owners are enjoying in annual returns for their investments. Try it and assess the difference after one year.

Increased energy bills and property damage are a few reasons for weatherizing a home. This practice has a lot of benefits to the homeowner and those living in the house.
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