The Brilliance of Ron Paul: Why the Youth is Going with Ron Paul

By Malcolm Out Loud, Contributor, US Daily Review.

If you were going to run for President of the United States in a highly visible race in a crowded field of republican candidates; what ground could you possibly stake out that would distance you from the pack? And keep in mind, you are presumed radical, strange and that you don’t have a chance in hell of pulling out a victory!

If you’re Dr. Ron Paul, you seize the moment when Americans are fed up with government. Tired of taxes. Drained by a political system gone astray. Pissed off that we are the policeman of the world. Soured that our economy is in the tank. Enraged that Washington is destroying our future. And mostly exhausted of Washington games and political trickery.

If that message resonates with you, then you would be the youth of America! Ron Paul’s 47 percent support from 18- to 29-year-olds was the strongest level of support for any candidate by any age group in the New Hampshire Primary. Paul continues to attract the youth of America with a message of “Ron Paul 2012: Restore America Now”.

I know it seems like an odd love affair. But not really, when you look closer at this unlikely pairing. Contrary to media sound bites, the youth of America are not stupid. They fully understand that our country is being mortgaged beyond any reasonable means. They are aware that American resources are not unlimited. They know that if you stretch a rubber band too far, it will snap back and hurt you. America’s youth are completely fed up with an over-extended government that is full of an agenda of unfulfilled promises with a future that is so over-mortgaged that it’s on the verge of collapse!

“Freedom is a young idea. All of his policies are such a good, radical change. It’s what we need” said Eddie Clearwater, a 22-year-old Des Moines photographer.

Brian Doherty at had this to say “Paul gave a great talk full of both raise-the-rafters red meat cheer lines and his professorial approach to monetary and foreign policy, not to mention the fight against crushing debt and the military-industrial complex. When it was over, a Paul volunteer next to me declared, with equal sincerity and irony, “I just had multiple Paulgasms.”

Why are the young people of America attracted to the oldest, and by some counts, most radical guy in the GOP race? Paulgasms. Ron Paul has ignited the next generation in a way that no one could imagine. Ron Paul has given hope to a new generation. He speaks his mind in a manner that convinces you that this guy is for real. Paul has that magic word that I speak about so often, but is almost always missing in our political leaders: AUTHENTICITY!

You may not like his brand of politics or feel he is out of touch with the real world, but the Brilliance of Ron Paul can not be denied…

About Malcolm Out Loud:

Social and political news commentator Malcolm Out Loud is also the host of WebTV show Malcolm Out Loud TV, an acclaimed motivational speaker, founder of Brink Thinking and the author of the book Smash The Competition. More about him at www.MalcolmOutLoud.TV

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