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On today’s Price of Business, new Contributor Doug Williamson was ready to take on the so-called mainstream media.


From Doug Williamson:

Why is the worthless media in this country called “mainstream”?  There is nothing mainstream about our current media and that is the reason I call them the Chavez/Obama media in my book “Thoughts of an American Taxpayer” published by Tate Publishing.  They continue to report only liberal/progressive/demoRat views.  They do not care about the republican and conservative views.  They continue to cover for President Hussein, senate majority leader squirrel Reed, and others that want to destroy and bankrupt this country.

I believe the Chavez/Obama media has turned on the American people and no longer care about honest, truthful and fair reporting, but are worried about worthless politician’s views and other people that have their same worthless perspectives.  The American people deserve better and deserve to hear the truth.  How many more years will they cover for a terrible president and worthless politicians?  I do not blame Americans for searching out other types of media for the news.

I hope people in the Chavez/Media will come out of their hypnosis and long sleep in time to assist us in saving this country if they care about their children and grandchildren.

Message from Tate Publishing:

Time is running out for America.

The November election will be the one of the biggest elections the USA will ever see.  I believe we need all hands on deck and I have spent a lot of money and time to publish two books in an effort to get the word out and information to my fellow Americans.

Please look at my books “Thoughts of an American Taxpayer” ( and and spread the word on the importance of this election.

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