The Clueless Economic Plan

By Sheryl Devereaux, US Daily Review Contributor

Liberals will accuse conservatives of not having a “plan” for economic expansion and vitality.  In that accusation lays a fundamental paradigm, which is actually not in sync with the Founders and Framers of this country. That paradigm expects that all “plans” originate in the government. Those who believe that “government must do something” are steadfast in their opinion that the actions our elected officials take should be concrete and tangible.

What is being overlooked by central planning advocates is the converse paradigm that no plan by the government is indeed a plan of any worth. The approach that actually works is based upon a philosophy that allows the people to come up with their own plans.  And contrary to what Obama and other liberals say, that is a plan. Thomas Jefferson taught, “Were we directed from Washington when to sow, and when to reap, we should soon want bread.” In addition, Benjamin Franklin said, “When the people find that they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic.” The intent of the Constitution and its impetus, the Declaration of Independence, promises that all people have a sacred right and obligation to pursue happiness in their own way.

So when Democrats and liberals lay charges at conservatives that they are somehow derelict in their service to constituents by not offering their own concrete “plan”, it is an affront the intended purpose of the Federal government. (There is a very short list of the Federal government’s purpose and duties. Economic intervention is not included.) This mindest also produces serious side effects that run opposite to the claimed intention of such concrete “plans” by actually perpetuating and compounding the problem.

When government expands, it does not help the free market system, since it dictates what it should do and spends money it does not have. And every time the Federal government has tried to band-aid it’s cankerous spending, it sucks the value of money—the lifeblood of capitalism—out of the economy it claims to help. In a nutshell, it robs the free market of cash flow by more exorbitant federal spending (that businesses and people must pay back) and taking employees out of the private sector—the only real sector in a free market.  A program such as the one recently announced by the President—one that mirrors the previous program that failed—becomes the economy’s main competitor and a parasite.

It is mind boggling to me that the President does not understand basic cause and effect, which the average person learns at an early age.  He has failed to properly conduct the affairs of this country, by, for one, repeating actions that have already been proven a failure.  The last stimulus failed to produce Obama’s claimed outcome of increased prosperity, instead producing a deeper abyss of economic depression and a growing lack of confidence from the American public.

History has shown that these types of spending programs do not work. The same plans failed with Franklin D. Roosevelt, in the ‘30’s and ‘40’s; with the USSR, which finally collapsed under the weight of such programs in the 1980’s; and even in Japan as late as the 1990’s.  In his latest attempt to repeat his programs of bribing the public, Mr. Obama seems to believe that if he adds a measure of Republican sugar to his economic poison, while making the concoction taste sweeter, it will somehow produce something other than the death of our economy.  Moreover, the President does not seem to understand the relationship between his actions and his attitude about American intelligence and the public’s growing disdain for both of those.

Mr. Obama’s current approval rating hovers at about 39%. If he believes that throwing money he is taking from Americans, to throw back in their face will miraculously give him popularity, then Gov. and candidate Mitt Romney said it best, “he doesn’t have a clue”.


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