The Dark Side of Dietary Supplements

By New Hope Natural Media, Special for  USDR

With the publication of The Dark Issue, New Hope Natural Media‘s Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ) provides insights and analysis on some of the year’s most scandalous and provocative issues in the field of organics and supplements and solidifies its role as the leading watchman for the nutrition and wellness industry. The issue is available to subscribers at:

The stories covered in this issue may not be new to individuals who follow these fields, but each one provides examples of the mistakes as well as the teachable opportunity within the fiasco. From just a glance at the table of contents, themes emerge such as legal and regulatory claims, ingredient safety, Good Manufacturing Practice violations, supply chain issues, crisis communication and basic bad  business.

“We decided to do a Dark Issue because the industry needs to take a close look at the darker side of the supplement business,” said Rick Polito, Editor of NBJ. “With or without more stringent regulation from the FDA and the FTC, the nutrition industry lives and dies by its reputation and its credibility. These stories serve as opportunities for all of us to learn and  improve.”

“The truth is, the vast majority of nutrition and wellness companies are run by honest operators delivering a solid product,” Polito added. “The Dark Issue will start a conversation about how to create a framework that could keep the less responsible players in  check.”

Polito points out that one story—the meltdown at Medicus testing—even reveals a possible misjudgment on the part of his own publication. At one time, NBJ lauded Jay Udani and Medicus testing, but investigations have shown that the company failed to pay test subjects and didn’t deliver contracted studies to client companies that paid Medicus hundreds of thousands of  dollars.

The Dark Issue will include stories that made headlines, but also smaller more industry-specific pieces that might deserve more mainstream attention. The issue is filled with frank discussion of industry missteps, with case studies that showcase what went wrong, what it means for the industry and how to avoid faltering in the  future.

For  example:     

  • The FTC lost its claim that studies must be conducted on each specific product, in this case Bayer’s Philips Colon Health Probiotic Supplement. But the fact the court raised the matter at all signals its importance.
  • In a well-aimed blow against the sorts of bad business practices that smear the entire industry, the FTC did stop weight loss product manufacturer Roca Labs from continuing to have customers sign a gag-rule waiver against speaking badly against their product.
  • With their supplements proven to contain potentially harmful ingredients, and U.S. Senators demanding action from the FDA, USPLabs are the bad boys of supplements. How are they still in business? What is the sport nutrition industry doing to preserve the sport nutrition space?
  • Reliable testing is a must for industry credibility but between fiascos like Medicus and the increasing evidence of dry labbing, what can the industry do to vet its testing services?
  • Are the eggs you buy really organic? The Cornucopia Institute is waging war on eggs they allege are mislabeled as organic, complete with aerial photography. When it comes to faux labeling, one bad egg is too many.

The double issue is being released to subscribers only. NBJ will release an expanded issue in March with additional industry insights and guest editorials from thought leaders on supplements, organics and the natural products  industry.

Subscriptions and the expanded version will be available for purchase at  newhope360/nbj.

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