The Donald: Can He Act the Part?

By Benjamin Myer, Special for  USDR

Donald Trump. What is the first thing that comes to your mind? Well, for me it is a man who is explosive, fiery, unpredictable, and most of all un-presidential. And yet somehow this man won the Republican primary. He did not just win but slaughtered all his opponents. I’ve always thought there must be more to him than the firecracker of a man the media shows us. Hearing Trump in person was a game changer for me. As a young conservative I was not fully convinced that Trump is someone I should be supporting or that anyone should be supporting for that matter. In fact, I would not even consider voting for him if it wasn’t for two big glaring problems, Hillary Clinton and the Supreme Court. Those are two major factors in the upcoming election that have to be taken into account. So the biggest thing I was hoping to see out of this speech was Trump’s presence and character on stage. I knew going into his speech that I would disagree with him on some of the things he would say. The only thing I wanted to know then, was could Trump act  presidential?

Trump came on stage and acted calm, cool, and most definitely collected. This was shocking. As anyone who has been following politics, the media rarely portrays Trump as someone who is levelheaded. I asked my fellow young conservatives, who I came with, what they thought of him, and the general opinion was the same as mine. Everyone was amazed at how poised Trump was. Granted, Trump’s actual speech contained mostly hot air inflating his ever growing ego. He made snide comments about losing Colorado to Cruz in the primary. Somehow he is still not over that? He talked about the border some more. Oh, and doing things. Trump literally said, “We will do all of the things.” I have no idea what that meant. He briefly touched on Bill Clinton’s plane extravaganza with Loretta Lynch, but did not hit it as hard as he should have. Trump ultimately gave his tried and true speech praising  himself

In conclusion I was overall impressed with the Donald. I had low expectations for the content of his speech, which were met. But I also had low expectations for his presence, and those were exceeded. I was shown a man who could act in a way his position demanded. Whoever wins this election has to be able to act the part. Being President of the United States is no joking matter, and Donald Trump certainly did not act like it  was.

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